That's No Fun! Let's Finish Realm Hopping!

by She-Devil & Jestress

This Demoness was bold and outspoken. Apart of her respected that, but unfortunately the other half of her did not respect being disrespected. First off, she was no mere "rookie" by any stretch of the imagination. Surely this Demoness had seen they manner in which dominated the former Intercontinental Champion, Gideon for daring to stick in his nose in the business of The Forbidden Champion. It didn't matter though. In case she missed that she was confident that her massacre of Gideon's foolish boy Draven would drive home the fact she was not to be taken lightly by anyone and even more so demanded to be respected.

Slowly She-Devil stepped outside of the ring and made her way up to Devilz Child. Narrowing her eyes and bringing her face to Sakkara's to physically drive home the fact she was, not in the least bit intimidated by her choice of insults.

"I'm sorry but did YOU just really stand here and tell me I LOST MY IDENTITY!?"

She shook her head in disagreement. "That would be YOUR department, Demoness. It was not that long ago where you didn't know who you were. So you giving me your two cents about anyone losing their identity is not only hypocritical but it's flagrantly idiotic. I don't give a damn whether you like me or not. I'm not looking to win any popularity contests. Regardless of your liking me or not you will respect me or I will beat the respect out of you. Period. End of story."

She crossed her arms over her chest casually, glancing at Jestress sticking her tongue out behind the Demoness back. "You were right about one thing though, you don't know me. You don't know me at all. Dante's sexual conquests are of no consequence to me. If anything they arouse me all the more in terms of my passion and desire for him."

A sly grin crossed her face, "In fact, we are of a kindred spirit when it comes our sexual hunger. You compared me to any other female he has bedded is blasphemy in itself. Make no mistake about it Demoness, I am his Queen as he is my King and my one and only champion and mate eternal. The bond we share is something exclusive to us that only we can fully understand and appreciate for the gift of the Gods it is. Our union is beyond the comprehension of lowly beings such as yourself. Deal with it."

Jestress pointed at Devilz Child with mock authority and yelled, "Yeah, that's right! DEAL WITH IT!"

She-Devil let out a chuckle as she twisted her face up as if she had smelled something foul right under her nose. "Smarter, faster, keener senses, and above all else, more dangerous than ever before? Is that right? You sound like you're trying to sell me Broadband for a computer rather than explain how you are any different than before if not worse. I can look into your eyes and see your hunger is gone. Your body language cries out that you are not physically what you once were. It is painfully obvious that you are trying to foolishly bring yourself to your former glory. Whether you want to or not we will do battle sooner or later and while you "refuse to taint yourself with my wretched blood" I make you the promise I will bathe in yours after I tear the flesh from your bones and end your miserably existence in this realm.

Look at you. You've lost touch with who you are and who you wish to be. You're nothing more than Demoness with an identity crisis and "Daddy Issues." As for Dante..."

Just then Jestress does a back flip forward to bring herself right beside She-Devil with a wide grin and salutes Devilz Child, "For Those Who Suck Alot. WE SALUTE YOU!"

After the unique salute she points at Devilz Child with a smirk, "A demoness lecturing us on acceptable sexual behavior in our relationship with The Forbidden One. That's just CLASSIC!" She brings her face to Sakkara's and tilts her head playfully, "For a Demoness you are so sexually stale and boring. What a shame. You're condemning us for indulging in each and every last one of our individual and collective sexual desires? SERIOUSLY!? THAT'S WHAT GODS DO! YOU'RE RIGHT!"

Jestress motions her head upwards, gesturing for Devilz Child to get lost, "Why don't you hit the bricks and go have sex with your man, military style for 5 or 10 minutes, then have him cum while you lay there with no orgasm and no satisfaction. Then you can get to the GOOD PART where you fantasize about US!" She lights up the room with her psychotic laughter, singing the song, "In The Jungle" as she begins to do a "tea bagging" motion to a random dumbell on the floor.

Posted on Jun 1, 2012, 1:59 AM

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