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Lights in the packed arena suddenly went out, leaving the audience to sit in confusion in the dark. For several long, nervous moments, there was no answer as to what had happened, nor what was being done to correct the obvious electrical issue.


A sonic boom tore through the speakers, causing every individual in the arena to jump out of their seats. Immediately, the lights flashed back up, pulsating to the beat of the music beginning to crawl through the sound system.

At the recognition of the notes and lyrics of Guns n Rose's "Black Leather", fans began to erupted into a frenzy. Cheers, boos, and everything inbetween as anticipation hit a high, waiting for the first public appearance in years.

And suddenly, out of the back, through the curtain, came the one and only Devilz Child, sauntering to the edge of the stage, pausing with a sly half-smile on her scarred lips to let her dark brown eyes take in the chaotic fans. They, in turn, drank her in.

Her attire was simple; a burgundy silk top underneath a black leather coat, midnight blue denim jeans, and black Pumas on her feet. Her long ebony locks were cascading down her back in soft curls, floating behind her as she finally started down the ramp to head toward the ring. The half-smile remained on her mouth as she made her way to the steel steps, climbing them to get to the ropes. Grabbing hold of the top one with both hands, the Princess of Hell scaled them until she was perched on the top turnbuckle, raising her arm up toward the audience, facing them and giving them her attention. That lasted only a few moments before she stood completely upright on the turnbuckle, only to launch into a corkscrew backflip into the center of the ring, where upon her landing crouched on her feet, the turnbuckles exploded into fiery columns that drew even more noise from those assembled in the arena.

Devilz Child walked toward the announcer-side ropes to grab the microphone being offered to her from one of the tech guys at ringside as her music began to fade out. Sauntering back to the center of the ring, she awaited the charged crowd to begin calming down before raising the mic toward her face.

"Really now, is that the best you got?"

The dark-haired woman grinned as the crowd roared again, this time louder and more enthusiastic than before. Hard to believe, harder to achieve, but they tackle the challenge presented to them with vigor and determination.

"Bravo. That is much better." She smile a true smile as she continued. "Thank you for the amazing reception. Makes a girl feel good about coming back home. At least out here."

She threw a thumb in the direction of the stage she'd just come from.

"I have only been back a minute, and already, some ringrat back there called me a has-been." She shook her head softly, murmuring "Rookies" into the mic in a tone of disappointment. "'Tis good to see that some things never change in a world where change is always happening. Like rookies forgetting their manners. More to the point, veterans of the ring still being themselves. Take Undead Enigma, for instance. Still undead.. unfortunately." The buzzing audience broke out in a burst of laughter at the under-her-breath mumble that was picked up by the microphone in her hand.

She allowed a small smirk to settle over her scarred lips. "Kveldulf the Reaver.. still annoyingly self-righteous to the point one wants to strangle him. Kane2000.. still simply annoying. Viper.. still getting everyone to drink her Kool-Aid. Devil.. still surrounding himself with whores and pretending to be relevant. Or just plain pretending." She shrugged as it made no difference to her.

"Yet while much remains the same here, changes have indeed filtered through this beloved company. New talent, and no, I still do not mean those groupies Devil is currently infecting with his newest STD. New light effects in various entrances. New arenas the company is visiting. The expansion of our broadcast now reaching several countries that had never known the insanity of television before this year." Her brow furrowed at this point as her voice faded. "There was another monumental change I wanted to address.." Her forefinger on the hand not holding the mic tapped her chin as she settled into deep thought, "but I cannot recall it.." Her dark eyes narrowed in concentration. "Just there, right on the tip of my tongue.."

And then instantly, her face brightened out of the confusion, another sly smirk crossing her mouth. There was no doubt she knew what she was getting at all along.


The crowd erupted into a chorus of cheers.

"It seems that baby brother has finally stepped out of the shadows. I must congratulate you, Seth. Certainly never saw that coming, what with you being with Viper and all." She chuckled softly, the rather obnoxious tone swiftly falling out of her voice as she added, "Kidding, only kidding. I truly am glad to see some other competitor wearing that championship belt other than the usual small pool of supposedly superior Creatures. It suits you.."

Knowing her tone had drastically altered from her in-character stance, the demoness grinned back into the camera in such a way that spoke of the insanity lying just underneath the surface.

" be the one holding that belt for me. Have fun playing dress-up champion while you can, Seth, because it is just a matter of time before you-"

A new eruption of music hit the airwaves, halting whatever had been on the tip of Devilz Child's tongue, gaining her attention and her burning annoyance.

(Anyone who wants, feel free to come out!)

Posted on Jul 21, 2012, 7:15 PM

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