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Will a musket ball penetrate three inches of oak?

September 16 2011 at 9:09 PM

RedFeather  (Login RedFeather)

Response to Actually, Bianchini seems to be saying...

At point-blank range, I believe so. The old military smooth bores were probably shooting about 1000 fps - 1300 fps, depending upon the quality of the powder and how tightly the ball/patch fit. (I low balled a bit because the ball would usually be held by the remains of the paper cartridge, thus having less of a gas seal.) Calibers ranging from sixty to seventy for a martial long arm, that would put the ball weight at between 300 and 500 grains.

If the air gun penetrated only 30%, it would indicate to me that the fps was lower. Still, mass does come into play. From what I've seen in PCP posts, a lot of these "big bore" modern air guns are shooting round balls in what I would call the mild ranges for muzzle loaders of a given caliber. (A decent rifle load can shoot 1700 fps.)

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