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Found, In the field!

October 4 2011 at 10:22 PM
DT Fletcher  (Login DTFletcher)
Group #188948

Response to Home of the Girandoni

There is so much stuff available on the Girandoni it's silly. It would just take too much time and would be cumbersome to post everything on this forum. Plan is to post the complete info with notes on my DT Fletcher facebook page so everyone can take a look.

What has been found so far includes:

An Norwegian study that includes penatration tests with lots of data. circa 1810-1820
A report in french about the Girandoni being used against the French Revolutionary Army. Napoleon decided not to publish the original report, so, this is a report from memory.

There are a bunch of reports in Austrian Military Journals.

But the king is from 1829 in Streffleurs militärische Zeitschrift, Volume 1
There's a long article about the tactics of using an airgun (handy in fort defense, since there's no problem with smoke in the enclosed areas) and this article includes a beautiful drawing of a proposed "safety" air tank for the repeater airgun.üchse&ei=1FWFTrvKLMXYiALX_cS5DA&ct=result&id=a2u2qAhEvq8C#v=onepage&q=Windbüchse&f=false

Go all the way to the back and then page up.

Pretty wild. In 1829 there were still voices inside the Austrian Army talking about using Girandoni's with a safety tank.

Lots of reports of injuries and even deaths from the air tank exploding. Lots of stuff about the air gun being a tool of assassins. Lots of physics.

But, the one thing I haven't been able to find, up till now, is an eye-witness report of seeing a Girandoni in the field. Got one...

Around 8 o'clock 380 men Tyrolean sniper (Scharfschützen) with air guns came here, these 380 men was still remaining from 10 (!) regiments; remained here in the accomodation in barns; of the common one was given to them meals and drinking,

It's in Bavaria, not sure of the exact timeframe but I'm guessing 1792/95. It's from a current journal Zeitschrift für bayerische Kirchengeschichte, Volumes 45-47 (Magazine for Bavarian church history) This all that's available at this point. Not a lot but there they are...

Anyone live near Stanford University?

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