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Webley mark 3 ...with scope!

September 29 2007 at 8:22 AM
Mike McCormick  (Login Mike95_99)

I am aware of the fragile nature of the spot welded scope rail but having acquired a superb 4x20 BSA Mark IV scope, I decided to risk it on one of my Mark 3's. Looks very good to me and I will be interested to see if it improves the groups.


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(Login MDriskill)

NICE rifle...

September 29 2007, 8:40 AM 

That Mk 3 is outstanding condition-wise and with a beautiful stock! Please favor us with some more photos?

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Mike McCormick
(Login Mike95_99)

Webley Mark 3

September 30 2007, 9:48 AM 

I would swap it for your Supertarget!! This rifle was bought from a dealer and still had the "warning"stickers attached. Little evidence of use and no indication that it had ever been opened. Only oddity is that it has the old style tap lever even though it is quite a late model, B8743. I have not done anything to it so far apart from putting on the scope. The 4x20 scope looks great on the gun but not a brilliant improvement over the open sights!
Needs a relube I would guess, probably dry as a stick. Something to do this month!


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(Login MDriskill)

Mk 3 details

September 30 2007, 1:46 PM 

Mike, that's very interesting about the tap levers...I've often wondered if the older lever would work on a newer gun. It is certainly nicer-looking and more ergonomic, wonder why they ever changed it?

Without pulling out my trusty Hiller, I think the serial number would put the gun 1970-ish, give or take. Hiller's book also contains great directions for dismantling the Mk 3; the only real trick is the backwards-threaded lug holding the rear section on. The Mk 3 is pretty idiot-proof (translation: even I can take one apart without harm to gun or mechanic).

BTW another FANTASTIC book for working on airguns is "Air Rifle and Air Pistol Maintenance and Repair," by Mr Q Cobham (seen near the top in this equally fantastic post from Grant's forum):


This is a current item and I believe you can still get it via Amazon or directly from the author (sometimes he sticks them up on Ebay, which is how I got my copy). It also has superb information on the Mk 3. In my humble opinion just about anybody who frequents this forum ought to own this one!

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Ray Titcombe
(Login Ray1946)

Webley MkIII

September 30 2007, 5:35 PM 

As an aside from this thread I would like to mention that I responded to your add for the MKIII in the "for sale, nuts, bolts etc." section. Is the rifle still for sale? Thanks and have a nice day,.....Ray

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