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Crosman Pellgun Single Action 6

April 13 2008 at 12:16 PM
LeviAstorbilt  (Login LeviAstorbilt)

Hello, I have had for years and forgot about until recently that I have a Vintage CO2 Powered Pistol. I am a pack Rat and are learning to sell my unused treasures. Anyway I am looking for a place to sell this where it will be appreciated by it's new owner. Hopefully a collector.
What is a fair value for this item? Ebay does not permit this type of item.
I have no way ot estimate. Pistol is from 1956.
Any input appreciated.


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(Login joe.l)


April 13 2008, 7:44 PM 

Levi ,I've seen these go for as much as $120 ( new condition ) and I've bought them for $22 ( very rough-but working conditon) refinishing these is not hard , but you must be patienent , yours looks in good shape and you have the box , and paperwork , put it up for sale , see what happens , does it leak ? are all the parts there ? I have the single action 6 and 2 -44's there fun but not to accurate , what I would like is a Hahn -45 ( B-B gun ) be coming a little hard to find , but there out there ..LOL....Joe

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(Login Roedeer)


April 14 2008, 4:51 AM 

Very nice Crosman SA6, made after 1959. It should sell very easly at any of the Air gun show or Auction sites. I would be interested also but I am in New Zealand. I have two boxed guns and the three known frame markings for this model.
www.network54.com/Forum/575767/ Some of my guns are on this site

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September 30 2008, 2:41 PM 


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J D Bedwell
(Login grandpaw)


October 4 2008, 11:47 AM 

Howdy from deep south Texas. I have 4 single action western type co2 and springer "six shooters". They all work fine. I am going to have to sell these things and hoping someone may be glad to get them. One is a Hahn "45" BB revolver, A Crosman .22 co2 revolver(single action), a Daisy model 179(the older model)BB and a Healthways Western Plainsman (BB)single action...this one has no front sight but has good finish..shoots like it should. They all have a few shiny spots where enamel is missing. If interested email me please.

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I am interested

October 4 2008, 3:12 PM 

Get in touch.

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J D Bedwell
(Login grandpaw)

vintage western pistols..

October 4 2008, 4:20 PM 

Looks like you have a very nice collection! Always loved to mess with those old cowboy style sixshooters, I have to thin out so much collected items...I am getting OLD as dirt! Just a few months ago I got hold of the Healthways western plainsman...had never heard of one before. Made in 1963 very similar to the Daisy in actions but harder shooting and bigger.Has no front sight for some reason. The Crosman .22 co2 revolver has fine white maple grips that have yellowed now to look like old ivory grips. Got the wood grips from Crooked Barn website. The old Hahn works fine too. The Daisy is an older one before they required safty devices to mess up the looks. Any questions or offers? I am not sure what to ask for them and hope it is not unlawful to send them your way. JD

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No problem

October 4 2008, 5:24 PM 

Sending to NZ is no problem, I have done it a lot. I always use track and trace.
Still interested.

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(Login tca)

The 179 and the Western "revolvers".

October 26 2010, 8:49 PM 

The Healthways Western and the Daisy 179 are similar in that their cylinders don't revolve.As far as their mechanisms go they are very different.In the Daisy a lever knocks the BB out the business end.The Healthways gun is a real airgun with a sprung piston and air propels the BB.The Healthways Western is one of the few airguns powered by a contracting spring system(as opposed to an expanding spring).
I think the CO2 version of the Western might be the more common version found nowdays.Trev

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(Login rmart)

I'm interested

April 15 2008, 8:50 PM 

It looks to me like someone attempted at one time to paint the grips so they appear a little less like marble, and a little more like stag. Is that the case?

If the gun works, I'm very interested in finding out more. I had both the SA6 in .22 and the 44 in .177. At some point in my "brilliant" youth I took parts from both and bashed together a complete pistol but it never worked. Apparently the frame for one didn't accomodate the transfer bar safety system of the other. At any rate, I have a uselss pistol with parts from both.

I spent a lot of time with the guns back when they worked. Got fairly decent at gunslingin' and pretty darn quick on the draw too back then.

sigh... you know you're getting old when you start to reminisce.


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(Login Roedeer)

Not much out there

April 16 2008, 1:01 AM 

There is very little info out there on these guns, I have 28 of them including Sears models. I have all the Hahn 45's, SA6 Frame markings, all the varations of the Frontiers 36 and Peacemaker 44. I also have a London marked Hahn 45.
I am not sure if my email is available to you though the site if it is drop me a line.

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repair and mod

April 16 2008, 8:35 AM 

repairing one of these guns is not hard , you can get a diagram from the crosman site(parts &operating manuel) the difference between the 44 and the sa-6 is that the 44 had a tranfer bar , this also ment that the stem in the valve was a little shorter ,these valves can be modified a little by enlarging the exhaust port ( be careful not to open it too much ) small drill should be used , you can also cut down the return spring for the stem (slightly )when the hammer hits it , it will stay open longer , (exhaust more co-2 ) the cylinder holes can be enlarged to allow more room for the co-2 to expand ( more pressure )if memory serves me right I think I used a 5/64 drill bit ,don't widen the holes larger that the diameter of pellet base or the pellet will have nowhere to be seated . If you can get a barrl from a 38-T ( 6 inch ) and have someone turn it down to the outside diameter of the 44 barrel also make sure he puts a lip on the end to fit into the barrel collar ( the rifling in these barrels were much better than the oringals ) this will help to stabilize pellet in flight .I have a stock 44 from factory , shot it at a piece of plywood ( 1/ inch ) at roughly 10 feet , and it only dented the wood , with another 44 i did these mods , and the pellet blasted right through .As for resealing the valve comes apart using 2 vise grips , there's a big seal on the end cap , if the gun is leaking from the back when you recharge it that's probably the problem , if it leaks from the front , the retianing washer (or nut ) can be removed without taking the gun apart .LOL....Joe

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refinishing the SA-6

April 16 2008, 8:50 AM 

the first thing I do is take the gun apart and put parts in bag ( not to lose them ) strip off all the old paint ( using paint stripper or emery paper ) it's imporant to remove the old finish then use a fine steel wool to smooth the surface ,I also strip the paint from the hammer (watch not to damage the hammer spring )and the trigger , you can polish them up with silver polish .Using bent wire coat hangers ( so i can hang them to dry ) i thread them through handle sides ,and the cylinder , i use a high heat black bar-b-que paint , when painting do not over spray , the paint should go on like a mist ( no runs ) give the surfaces a spraying hang them wait 1 hour then go back to check that all areas are covered , them hang to dry for 24 hours , aviod touching them , after 24 hrs., I spray them with a satin varathene , this puts a coat on that reduces scrathing and also gives a light shine , let this dry 24 hours , most of these things you will need can be found at the home depot , the grips on one of my guns were in bad shape so I sprayed them with a white plastic paint ( let them dry 3 days ) when I asssembled the gun it looked brand new .along with the mods I posted earlier I was happy with the results ...later...Joe

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Bret Anderson
(Login Bret0)

Looking for a Crossm an SA6

September 30 2008, 10:38 AM 

Is that SA6 that you mentioned in a post in April still available? If so, I am interested. If not, do you know of any others that might be on the market?



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(Login Roedeer)

Auction Arms

September 30 2008, 2:37 PM 

You will find these at Auction Arm/Gun Broker all www sites. prices are getting up there.
I have bought some nice guns from these site.
Just pick up a Canadian SA6 in it box.

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(Login JohnAB)

For Brett Anderson

September 30 2008, 6:43 PM 

What a coincidence, I was going through my things last night and I found my Crosman SA-6 which is exactly like the one shown here. Same box, same accessories, same gun. It's in good - very good condition. I will gas it up later to see if it still holds, I have not shot it in 5 years. I love the gun but It's time for me to thin out my collection. E-mail me if you are interested, boobus40@hotmail.com John Allan

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(Login TStray)

While on this subject........

September 30 2008, 9:30 PM 

I am looking for an early box for my SA6, anybody have just the box gathering dust they want to sell?

"Love them Walthers"
Hell I love them ALL

Tom Strayhorn
Catawissa Missouri

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(Login Roedeer)


October 1 2008, 1:10 AM 

I bought three on Ebay not long ago. They are out there.

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Peacemaker 44

November 30 2008, 3:51 PM 

I have a Crosman Peacemaker 44 .177, mint in box, never fired. What kinda price could this thing fetch? I received it from my father along with a Slavia 618 rifle and a Daisy PowerLine 1200.

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(Login tobagoman)

I have the same gun

October 26 2010, 6:05 PM 

Did you ever find out what the Crosman Pellgun Single Action 6 sells for. I have one of these with the original box.

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