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Crosman questions

November 11 2017 at 8:24 PM
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Mark  (Login Brimfield)
from IP address

Starting to feel like winter here in Western Massachusetts, so I'm looking at the airguns again. Bicycling is definitely out.

My Crosman 114 is one of my favorite guns. Very light, inexplicably accurate, and at 12 fpe my fourth most powerful hitter. I rarely take my guns out of the house, but if I were to go on a hike the 114 would be my first choice.

(Haven't tried posting a picture since that thing happened, so this is the first try with Imgur.)

[urlhttps://imgur.com/GIxqaMj][img][linked image][/img][/url]

My 114 question is this: I've read recharging the CO2 works best when the gun is colder than the tank. Does it matter how great the temperature difference is? Tonight I put the gun in the chilly back entry and it seemed to charge just great. Probably a 15°F difference. Would I get a better result with a 25°F difference?

Second question: Just finished reassembling a Crosman 1400 third variant, and I sure struggled with the roll pin that's the main pivot for the pump. Do the roll pins become less cooperative with age? Would a new pin compress more easily and drive in more easily? Is there a ready source for black roll pins? I can find shiny, but would prefer black.

[urlhttps://imgur.com/RSeQh8z][img][linked image]?1[/img][/url]

The roll pin on this one fought me coming out and going in.

[urlhttps://imgur.com/dHQ5qbT][img][linked image]?1[/img][/url]

Thank you.

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Terry M
(Login sotol)

Nice gun, the 114

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November 12 2017, 10:08 AM 

I have three, shoot them all the time. Having the gun cooler than your CO2 tank definitely helps in getting a good fill. Sometimes, I remove the gun from the stock and shove it in the fridge for 20 minutes or so before filling. Other times, I'll immerse my 20 ounce paintball tank in a bowl of warm water for a bit. You don't want it to warm, of course. My two favorite 114s are crazy accurate. I have put stronger hammer springs and lighter trigger springs in them, both wear vintage Weaver scopes, they are great shooters.

Roll pins are supposed to fit tight, if they didn't they would come out to easily. I hate whacking on them but it's the nature of the beast. I found an assortment box at Harbor Freight pretty cheap, they are black.


To answer your question, a 25 degree difference between tank and gun will probably result in a better fill than 15 degrees. Heck, I probably go for a 30 or 40 degree difference. I have also noticed it's easier to get a good fill when your CO2 tank is closer to full.

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DT Fletcher
(Login DTFletcher)

Re: Crosman questions

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November 13 2017, 2:31 AM 

There has to be a temperature difference between the receiving tank (cooler) and the supply tank, for LIQUID CO2 to transfer. Yes, the temperature difference will affect how much liquid CO2 transfers. Care needs to be taken not to overcharge the receiving tank. At high fill levels, the pressure/temp ratio can go exponential.

The only way to measure the fill is by weight. At some point, we went through all of this on the forum and determined the safe fill level for the 113/114. Not sure if it's possible to search for that.. it was some time ago. There are some charts that show the relationship between temp and pressure that's good to review.

with digital scales so inexpensive, there's no reason not to get one that can accept the weight of a 114. I got one that goes up to 30 pounds so it's not necessary to remove the action from the stock, although that can help with balancing on the scale. Using a scale is the only real way of answering your question about it making any difference between 10deg and 25 deg pre-chill temp.

What I found handy is to attach the fill tank, leave the gun uncocked so that the hammer sits on the exhaust valve and keeps it open, turn on the supply tank slowly so that CO2 is coming out of the muzzle. Turn supply tank off. Gun is now chilled. Cock the gun. Turn on supply tank. Then off. Detach supply tank and weigh the gun. Additional weight from the tare weight is the amount of CO2 transferred.

Roll pins. They make roll-pin punches that have round projection that centers the punch on the roll-pin.

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(Login Brimfield)

Crosman bulk fill

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November 13 2017, 8:53 PM 

Much appreciate the replies.

Beautiful gun, Terry. I have one of those old Weaver scopes, came with a Benjamin 312 and I just left it on there. Maybe I need to try it on my much preferred 114. Something about the view through those that's qualitatively different. I don't know a thing about scopes, but is the Weaver glass vs plastic? How do they get the reticles so fine?

I was lucky enough to get a Crosman 10 oz tank with a Model 116 pistol. I've read I shouldn't expect it to be as safe as it was in 1954, but I still use it with a threadsaver, filling it from a bulk tank out in the garage acquired to fill the Walther CGM. Now that 10 oz tank takes care of the 114, 116 and the latest prize, a 118.

I used the wife's kitchen scale enough that she bought me my own. Inexpensive and very easy to use. Just to see if my numbers compare to other people: I notice a drop in the 114 velocity, and the whole gun (less the little dust cap on the end) weighs about 1987g, and what feels like a pretty good fill brings it up to 2010g. In another example in my notes, the action by itself weighs 1080g nearly empty, and after some time in the kitchen freezer filled to 1108g. So 5 more grams with a greater temperature differential.

There have been times I'm sure I've overfilled it, as I've gotten the snow coming out the barrel for a number of shots.

Terry, I've got to ask, what method did you use in Imgur to post that excellent picture? These are my choices, and I tried a few, but didn't get just the image the way I used to get:

[linked image]

I'm using the bottom one, but you've clearly cracked the code. Should I just be deleting the superfluous characters so I end up with this?:

[linked image]

Looks like the first option, but I don't get the same result unless I use the last, and delete what's ahead and after the image information. Just slow to catch on...

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Terry M
(Login sotol)

Re: Crosman bulk fill

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November 14 2017, 8:40 PM 

I have a bunch of old Weavers. I've found that some of the old-timers at gun shows don't seem to place much value on them, I've picked up several for next to nothing. The one in my last post is branded JC Higgins but is quite obviously a dolled-up Weaver B4. No doubt made to Sears specifications, the gold anodized turret block is a nice touch. Weaver made inexpensive 3/4" scopes for .22 rifles in the 50s and 60s, simple but rugged, with steel tubes and decent glass. I find them ideal for old airguns.

You got 28 grams of CO2 with the fill you describe, that is one ounce. Your 114 will hold more than that. I consider a good fill to be just over two ounces or 56+ grams. With the power dialed back to around 500 fps, I can get almost 200 shots on a fill.

When posting my pics from imgur, I use the fourth option down, "HTML". I just click on the blue "copy" box and paste to my message. On another forum, I have to use a different option, the next one down, I think. Oddly, my pictures from my photobucket account are still visible on this forum.

Here is my other favorite 114:


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