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SAT afternoon Rachel return & Blow-up w/Ragan..thanks to Jokers...

August 15 2010 at 7:37 AM

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**Fight between Rachel and Ragan from this afternoon*** (full version)
Copy & paste- Credit to IamBigBrother from Jokers

Rachel Hey Ragan Im going to make some really big soft gooey cookies do you want some?
Ragan Rachel...
Rachel What?...
Ragan You dont intimidate me. You repulse me. You are a pathetic human being.
Rachel Reallyawwwwthats sad.
Ragan Yah really. You are about as classy as your nasty hair extensions.
Rachel ewwwww
Ragan So you can take your homophobic innuendo and get the ***** out of my face.
Rachel Oh what are you doing to do. (Ragan repeats her oh what are you going to do)
Rachel Would you like a cookie Ragan?? I was trying to be nice.
Ragan Why dont you go back to Forever 21 and return all of your clothing?
Rachel Oh actually its not from Forever 21 its a lot nicer of designer than what you are wearing right now.
Ragan My work out clothes?? Way to go Rachel. Thats a real big win.
Rachel Anything you own Ragando you even know how to shop.Toby. Oh Im sorry because you look like Toby. It pisses you off.
Ragan Toby??
Rachel Why dont you go with your alliance (Ragan mimics what Rachel just said)
Rachel Ewww youre so feisty Ragan.
Ragan Shoot for the roof Rachael. You have a degree and youre a waitress. Get out of my face.
Rachel And what do you do??
Ragan I am a teacher.
Rachel And so am I *******.
Ragan Oh really yah
Rachel Are you kidding me Ragan??
Ragan Do you teach other waitresses how to get glasses and put it on their uhhh trays and bring it to tables?
Rachel Yah Ragan I do and I also travel around the world and I have a really fabulous place.
Ragan repeating Rachel I travel around the world and I go to Vegas and like I lie about $20,000 bottles of wine.and Im so bad ass.
Rachael Really I lie about it?? What did I lie about?? Tell me three things I lie about
Ragan Rachel youre.everything about you is a lie. Your boobs, your face is a lie, the only thing honest about youis the pimples on your chin. Youre a wicked witch. Why dont you get on your broom and fly back inside.
(Rachel laughs.Ragan mimics her laugh)
Ragan Youre disgusting repulsive human being and America sees it now too. I cant wait to watch every single episode of how vile and disgusting you are. I will press play and rewind and pause and just look at how disgusting you are. And I will get a years worth of love and joy from that. So go aheadkeep on talking Rachel.
(Rachel laughs..Ragan mimics her laugh)
Rachel You are so funny
Ragan- Youre so disgusting.
Rachel Is that why your family doesnt want to talk to you? Is that why you dont have a boyfriend?
Ragan My Dad who is dead doesnt want to talk to me?
Rachel Oh no your 7 or 10 or how ever many..
Ragan My mom who I am best friends with?
Rachel yells Ragan all you do is ***** cry
Ragan My sister

Rachel Youre such a baby. You think you are so high and mighty
Ragan Im the one who cries?? Mimics Rachel saying please dont use the veto please dont use the veto Bowling competition (Ragan flings himself on the ground- cross legged Ok I will throw it (he jumps up and mimics Rachel throwing a bowling ball and lets out a whine)
Ragan Youre going to call me a crier?? Rachel!!
Rachel Oh my god all you do is cry. You go in your stupid have not room and you cry because youre so emotional and so stressed
Ragan Rachel I cry because I have to deal with something as disgusting as you
Rachel and I cry because I have to live in a house I had to live in a house... with someone as lame and such a loser that you are. Ragan nobody thinks youre ***** cool. Get with the program youre a gay guy thats not even good at being gay.
Ragan interrupts Rachel twice saying Can I get two rum and cokes and a margarita?
Rachel Ohhhhh youre so funnywhy dont you insult me a little more? You are so good at this insulting game

Ragan Oh you are. Looking in the mirror should be an insult to you.
Rachel Because you won one competition?
Ragan You won two and youre out of the game. What are you talking about? You want to compare stats?? In head to head individual competitions with your boyfriendyouve been in six individual competitions. Hes beaten me in one. So please keep running your mouth.
Rachel I beat you in two Ragan
Ragan Oh wow you beat me in two
Rachel and how many did you beat me in?
Ragan I dont know
Rachel zero
Ragan because I try to keep you out of my mind. You are a vile disgusting human being.
Rachel Youre a worse vile and worse disgusting human being Ragan and I have so many things I want to say to you that Im not going to say on camera because I have more class (flips hair) than that
Ragan Yes when America looks at Rachel Reilley class is the first thing that comes to mind
Rachael and when American looks at Ragan being awesome and fabulous is definitely not something that they think.
Ragan Oh god

Rachel Would you like an awesome gooey cookie like I came out to ask you? (Ragan is a have not and is not allowed to eat cookies)
Ragan I would love to have one and shove it in your mouth to get you to shut up
Rachel I would love you to shove.. (Rachel starts laughing before she finishes her sentence)
Ragan Cat got your tongue Rachel?
Rachel Oh my god, youre going to shove something in my mouth to shut me up? That is just like..
Ragan (mimics Rachels hand movement and says OMG)
Rachel All you do is talk about season 10.
Ragan (keeps mimicking and repeating what Rachel is saying)
Ragan I like your pink hair extensions with your naturally died hair
Rachel Thank you. I love it too actually and you know what else I love?
Ragan What? The pimples on your chin?
Rachel I do love those too thanks. And laughing (Rachel doesnt get to finish sentence)
Ragan interrupts and says and your parrot face
Rachel I look like a parrot?
Ragan Yes
Rachel Oh ok
Ragan You look like a nasty red parrot from hell
Rachel laughs and Ragan mimics her saying Here is my fake laughing
Rachel Im actually really laughing because this is hilarious
Ragan Then why dont you get out of my face? If you dont like me and I dont like you-go someplace where somebody in this house actually likes youby yourself.
Rachel Oh and nobody likes me?
Ragan Yah
Rachel Nobody in the house likes me?
Ragan Nope
Rachel Nobody?
Ragan Nope
Rachel Not a single person?
Ragan Not a single person in this house likes you
Rachel and nobody in America likes me either right?
Ragan Probably not
Rachel Probably not? Because Im a nasty disgusting vile loser?
Ragan Absolutely
Rachel What do you think you are Ragan?
Ragan I think Im a nice person with friends in this house.

Rachel Who is your friends? Princess Britney is your ***** friend?
Ragan Yep.
Rachel Oh because she was my friend for a week too Ragan. And she was my friend week 2 and week 4.
Ragan Every person in this house is my friend Rachel.
Rachel Nobody in this house is your real friend Ragan nobody likes you in real life.
Ragan Really?
Rachel Ragan come on. This is a game. If this is your game play you really suck at it.
Ragan Rachel you were out of the house last week. The last person Im going to take advice from is you.
Rachel and Im back
Ragan for 24 hours. Youre here for a limited time. Because your boyfriend did a Pandoras box and unleashed something horrible in the house. Wake up.
***silence between the two of them for 10seconds***
(Rachel laughs.Ragan mimics her)
Ragan Your days of bullying me are over. Youre a conniving evil little witch and you got exactly what was coming to you. Out of anybody in this house I was the one person who was in your corner.
Rachel When Ragan? When you were crying and I came to comfort you? When you needed a friend?
Ragan When you were crying and I came to comfort you!!
Ragan Youre absolutely disgusting. Talking to you is like talking to the most vile devil child in the world and Im done with it babybecause Im done with youbecause your game in this house is over.
Rachel owwwwwww.
(Ragan gets up and walks away from the weight bench.Rachel follows him)
Rachel You are so intimidating and scary.
Ragan Ohhhh you are. Your face is. Your parrot face with your big ugly zits on your chin.
Rachel Why dont you try to insult me a little more Ragan?
(Both are now walking briskly towards the patio sliding glass doorRagan walking ahead of Rachel)
Ragan Why dont you try to insult me? Why do you talk about me being gay and me being a bitch and me doing all of these other things to you?
Rachel Because I love gay people and you suck at it.
Ragan Yes you clearly love gay people.
Rachel I do Ragan and you suck at it. Because (long pause) youre not (Rachel doesnt finish sentence but pauses)
Ragan (repeats what Rachel said) Because uhhh uhhh uhhhhif youre going to try to come at me Rachel do it a little bit quicker. In a battle of wits this is like me being an Olympic runner and you being a toddler.
Rachel OMG
(Ragan mimics her OMG)
Rachel What are you a ***** theater major? Talk about the theatrics Ragan. Look in the mirror.
(Ragan sits cross-legged on the ground imitating Rachel Please take the veto take the veto Ragan please)
Ragan Everything that you have done in here has been such a vile pathetic look at me look at me look at me. Rachel one day you will realize.
Rachel interrupts Have you ever thought this was a game.

Ragan Rachel one day you will get a modicum of class and you will realize that the attention that you want is not from negative behavior but by treating people with decency and respect. And if you think that you are going to go through life running over people and treating them the way you have treated everybody in this houseyou have another thing coming. The minute you get out of that jury house I guarantee you youre going to take a long hard look at yourself because everybody is going to treat you the same way you have treated everybody in this house. You will get what is coming to you. Believe me. You are going to be so disgusted with yourself when you watch these episodes. So disgusted with yourself. As I am certain Americas disgusted with you. I have never watched one person leave this house without a single person high fiving them. How many people high fived you Rachel? Done counting already?? Take it as a tip and learn from it.

(Ragan turns around walks to the patio door-opens it-slams it shut behind him. Britney continues to play pool (she has been playing the entire time) At 8min 34sec into the fight Rachel stands there-in the same spot-looking at the door. Britney continues to play pool alonenot saying anything to Rachel. Britney glances at Rachel a few times but never says anything to her. AT 9 mins 40sec Rachel finally walks inside.)

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