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Big Brother 12 Scandal: Enzo Eating Food As Have-Not?

August 25 2010 at 4:18 PM

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By: Matt (BBN) | Tagged: Big Brother, Big Brother 12, live feeds

Okay, maybe its not a scandal, but its at least scandalous-y. As part of Enzos punishment for losing the Have-Nots Competition this week on Big Brother 12 he was placed on a Slop-only diet plus broccoli and bean dip. If the word only confuses you then youre not alone, because apparently Enzo has no idea what it means when hes told he can only eat those three things.

Flashback to Tuesday (8/24) 1:14AM BBT on Cam 3 (Cam 4 is a zoom-in, but obscures when he leans forward) and youll find Enzo sitting by Lane in the backyard corner dressed up as a penguin. Suddenly Enzo says, we should have a food fight. A moment later he repeats himself even louder, we should have a food fight! Enzo then sits forward, digs into his costume, and comes out with food and quickly shovels it in to his mouth with two scoops to the face before laying back down like nothing happened. Well, besides all the chomp-chomp-chomping.

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It seems as though Enzo broke the Have-Not rule by consuming food most likely not on his only list. I say most likely because he acted as though he knew what he was doing was forbidden as he had been hiding the food and made the bites swiftly while pushed back in a corner. Considering what hes allowed to eat its safe to say he didnt have a handful of slop or bean dip hidden in his penguin suit. It could have been a pocketful of broccoli, sure, but come on, it sounds crunchy!

Okay, so whats the big deal, right? Its a big deal because the other HGs have managed to maintain the Have-Not restricted lifestyle despite obviously wanting to have some real food. Secondly, Enzo already had a reprieve of his punishment during the Hawaiian feast as part of Britneys Pandoras Box ordeal. He had a slop break, something past Have-Not HGs didnt get, and he still couldnt manage to man up and hold out the rest of the week.

Big Brothers course of action is clear. Theres a precedent for this situation. In Big Brother 8 Jen decided she had enough of being a Have-Not when she grabbed an apple and dug in. BB pulled her in to the Diary Room, explained she would be punished, and subsequently gave Jen a Penalty Vote.

A Penalty Vote is like a ghost vote. Instead of there being just 4 votes this week thered be a total of 5 as Enzo would start eviction night with a vote against him.

Despite Enzos headstart toward eviction Matt would be likely unable to overcome the deficit and get 2 more votes against Enzo. Big Brother has nothing to lose by this Penalty Vote and it should be applied for the sake of the game.

Do it, Big Brother.

Update: I didnt mention it in the article, but as noted in the comments, yes, Enzo has also been skirting his penguin suit obligation. Hes allowed to get out of the suit to get in the pool so hes taken off the suit, pretended like hes getting in the pool, and then not gone in for awhile. This guy is a real meow meow when it comes to rules.

Update 2: More info. Enzo has been eating other food and has received multiple warnings from BB, but no punishment. Last season Kevin received an extra full day of Have-Not for eating 1 grape. Jeff received the same punishment for a sip of Gatorade. All that and yet nothing for Enzo? Hmm

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