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July 24 2011 at 1:50 PM

Pay and Magoo  (Login Payforfun1)

9:40 AM BBT Jeff and Jordan join Brenchel in the HoH room. Something has tipped them off to Danieles secretive plans to drive a wedge between them. Maybe it was when Daniele said they should backdoor Jeff The Vets (minus Daniele) plan to act blind to her plotting and let her think theyre still going to turn on each other.
10:30 AM BBT Dominic visits Rachel in the HoH room. Uh oh, shes talking game without Brendon! Dominic is looking for reassurance that hes not the target. Rachel toys with the idea that shell take them off and put up Lawon. Brendon arrives and continues the charade that theyre going to be working with Dominic. Theyre not.
11:15 AM BBT When its just Brendon and Rachel in the HoH room, Brendon confirms that he does trust Jeff and Jordan, but not Daniele.
11:40 AM BBT Daniele pays a visit to Brenchel. She gets upset that theyve told him to throw the Veto competition. When Brendon starts questioning her on her persistent support of Dominic she suddenly backs off. Busted.
2:20 PM BBT Live Feeds are back from Trivia and we have a new winner: Brendon. It was the exact same competition they used last year with spelling. Brendon reused the exact same word as last time too: understanding. Newbs didnt stay a chance. Jeff came in second and spelled a real word this time. Hes pleased with a silver medal on that one.
3:10 PM BBT Lawon promises Adam he has his vote/support this week.
7:30 PM BBT Shelly has a big talk with Brenchel and Jordan about what the Newbs are plotting. She reveals Dominics previous plan to win the Veto and convince Brenchel to backdoor Jeff/Jordan. Shelly reiterates her promise to never nominate them. Shes going to run out of nomination options if she keeps that up.
8:00 PM BBT Brendon, Rachel, and Jordan agree that Dominic is the biggest threat. They can isolate Daniele again if they eliminate him this week, forcing her to seek refuge with another weaker player.
10:00 PM BBT Kalia relays to Daniele that Jeff is suspicious of her. Uh oh. Did Jeff let the cat out of the bag that the Vets are on to Danieles subterfuge? Daniele presses Kalia for support to backdoor Jeff

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