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Saturday Highlites and Flashback times, thanks to bigBrother Network

August 21 2011 at 3:04 PM

Pay and Magoo  (Login Payforfun1)

Copied & Pasted from BigBrother Network from Sat feed highlites

11:05 AM BBT Daniele and Porsche discussing post-Veto scenarios. They wonder if Adam would get renomd by Jeff. Nope, I dont think so.
11:15 AM BBT Kalia complaining that Daniele and Porsche complain. Found that funny.
2:45 PM BBT Live Feeds return from 2 hours of Trivia. Jeff has won the Veto. Let the panic begin. Kalia is very worried. Shelly promises Kalia her support to keep her if she stays on the block. The Zingbot returned for the competition. HGs retelling some of his zingers.
4:00 PM BBT Sounds like Porsche came in second in the Veto competition. Daniele is expecting to be renominated and evicted. Elsewhere, Jeff/Adam/Shelly discuss the importance of their group winning the HoH competitions back to back to keep them all safe.
5:00 PM BBT Jordan tells Rachel that Jeff is keeping his plans secret even from her. Nah, not really, but they dont want to reveal anything to Rachel.
6:30 PM BBT Jeff, Jordan, and Adam going over scenarios. Jeff is most worried about Daniele and how she can win at anything. Adam agrees that Jeff should renom Daniele.
6:40 PM BBT Rachel and Kalia comparing notes about Shelly and the things shes said. Both are aggravated.
10:15 PM BBT HGs playing poker in the kitchen.
10:50 PM BBT Jordan and Adam talking game. Jordan wants to get Kalia out next.
11:30 PM BBT Rachel tells Jordan they need to get Daniele out. Shes a big threat for them, especially if she makes it to the end.
1:00 AM BBT Jeff and Jordan having a long, private talk. They agree now is their big chance to get out Daniele. Jeff says thats his decision. Hes going to backdoor Daniele. No way around it.

There we have it. The Veto Ceremony is Monday afternoon. It looks like Jeff will take one of the nominees down, probably Porsche because they believe shell float back to them. Then Daniele will go up and the votes are against her. Crappy birthday for Daniele.

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