Lol, not really

by Pepper Carrot


Iv'e said it before and ill say it again. I really don't care who likes me and who hates me, who disagrees with me and who agrees with me. I post the way i do because i get out what i want to say, i post under 1 handle so you know what you're getting when i post it(sometimes fakes come on here, i cant control that)

IE: If Wheatie and I share the same views for 2 weeks and then he says something i think is stupid, ill call him out on it, and I'm sure he wont hesitate to do the same thing right back at me. Same goes for you, same goes for everyone. Its a hockey forum man, I'm not going to try to kiss a bunch of @$$ just to make friends on here and stay buddy/buddy with them. Hell, Iv'e even met SAJ before and we basically bicker back and forth about everything. If i met him again, I'm sure we'd get along fine. That's just the way it is.

Pirate? i have no idea whether or not he cares about this place. I am guessing he does for the fact that every once in awhile he makes some helpful posts regarding young prospects that are completely hockey related. But he has a weakness to lose himself in a sh!tfest once someone eggs him on.

I dont know what your rant about Steven was for... He's banned and it should stay that way. I personally have nothing against the guy(heard he's a nice dude IRL from all accounts) Except for the fact that he purposely trolls the board for fun(which he has openly admitted) You want a board that Steven cares about? go to WHLfans, you wont see him lose his cool there.

KBF, is just 100% pure stupid and can not control himself.

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Posted on Dec 28, 2011, 2:22 PM

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