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Re: Two things to reflect upon...

December 13 2005 at 7:41 PM
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Response to Two things to reflect upon...

Many of us who knew Anissa, knew she was an old soul that longed for a love relationship of some quality and permanence. We also knew she was unlikely to find it save for her brother Paul, in the crowd she was involved with and that was a constant that she had little control over. In English class she constantly put forth the theme that she wanted to become someone else! Unfortunately re-inventing yourself is difficult at best for an adult and you can easily imagine it was a Herculean task for a young Television actress trying desperately to blend in and grow up before her time. I wouldn’t characterize that as depression, but certainly it was a major contributor with her desire to escape.

She spent much of her time viewing, chasing, reading about and fantasizing over a quality love relationship. Early on as most girls do, she realized boys her age were not as mature as she was and was attracted to much older boys. Unfortunately she was diminutive in stature and she eventually settled on underclassmen. Allan Koven was someone that she had known for sometime and was part of her cult. And as life is, they apparently found each other and she finally enjoyed a depth of emotion with him that she was so desperately searching for.

I can tell you that during that time Butch Koven was lucky to find any female to carry on a relationship with at all, never mind Anissa Jones! I am also sure he was AS interested in a drug relationship with her, as he would have been in a love relationship. And Anissa was NOT stupid! I am sure she figured it and knowing her, probably escaped into her fantasy world with the Edward VIII/Wallis Simpson book. (Although touted as the love affair of the century; closer investigation would reveal that Edward the 8th was much less below the surface! And perhaps the first Monarch of modern times to elicit an assignation plan from MI-5 British Intelligence. Anissa probably never found that out.)

From what I’ve been told though, Jones and Koven DID find something special! Probably in spite of themselves! Life and love happens that way!!!

Anissa was someone that had happiness issues in even the best of times, but I can tell you she was NOT suicidal! That summer was a summer of excess.

My good friend Jeff did gather an awful lot of info on her last days from classmates and people we knew from many years back and an old connection he developed from Del Rey Continuation. The partying was just out of control. But her mood was much more celebratory than depressed. And the drug usage that had become a weekend tradition for all of them, spilled out into a season of excess.

In that crowd many of them did not stop until they literally passed out, that was the only criteria they had for stopping! It was very fortunate, given the access to money that they had, that there weren’t other tragedies as well!

I am glad you finally decided to name the Dr. that was so duplicitous in her death!

Finally, welcome back...

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