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December 29 2005 at 1:11 PM
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JSG, hey I got it right dude!  (no login)

Response to Re: Gone

Are you suggesting BKOH and Margie had an argument going??

<No dude, Margie is coming along although there is a lot of anger towards Anissa and Paul Jones in her circles. She’s doing ok, and bko’s rose-colored glasses and the degree that he believes his own B.S. surprise no one anymore!>

I can cheerfully live without Margie's parade of Anissa's skeletons, but I did not know that BKOH and Marge were at some sort of war with each other.

<Margie feels the way she does because of personal contact with Anissa and Paul, maybe it’s enough that people just know: not everybody dug her attitude and the way they lived their lives. She is part of the group of alum from ’76 and she seems to be behaving, (she likes Bobby.) But I’m sure one day some one will trigger a fit and she’ll spew forth some interesting venom! And yes she was riled at bko’s understatement on Anissa’s drug and alcohol use, but she really didn’t need an excuse, a lot of people can’t stand bko dude!>

Good luck getting through to Brian though.

<I modified my original comment here, actually my mom made me modify my original comment! Ow momma babe!>

I hope Jeff and his father will be alright though, truly do.. there's a gentle soul there that is impossible not to like so I cannot help but wish all the best for him.

<Jeff leads with his chin and he got pretty heartsick over what happened and he was trying to get Paul’s girl friend back by email but she flew and won’t look back. Bobby said his dad has been getting worse by degrees and Jeff just stopped posting or talking to anyone! Everyone hopes he comes back when he can because some of the classmates were not very nice to him.>

You know, I think he paid his debt to Anissa in full and so much more.. she's a happy spirit and a patron saint for the dispossessed now.

<Yeah, from what I get they had the same lunch and he teased her about the Buffy thing like once! You would think he’d be over it by now but I don’t think he ever will dude!>

Much love for Anissa's real friends, that excludes the assholes who hounded me for the last several years,

<Yup, some great ones and some turkey slime out there that’s for sure Larochelle is active in trying to jump in to protect them now.>

and a note to say that one of the reasons i slapped an email address on my earlier posts was because it was a shame that BKOH's could not be clarified on many points because he never answered an email and never posted a direct reply and it'd have been nice to used posts here as a prelude to a more detailed and personal email discussion with Anissa fans

<I used to be a fixture at Yahoo chat and I learned at 15, DON”T EVER POST PERSONAL INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET! (Dude I sound like my mother!) There are people that look for that and get off making your life mondomiserable!>

but the only email i'd show to my family was from Jeff,

<Yeah he sent some email to my mom and me too (she keeps them.)>

the rest was venomous and my family is furious with the trash I recieved. I'll never personalise and put my signature on anything in any forum like this again though, better to remain anonymous and unknown in the shuffle than go through the dismal experience i've had though..

<Guess you can dig where the classmates are coming from then.>

Bitter pill swallowed and on to a different place with a different game plan. Cheers and much love from me to you.

<Toodles, and when you do post please be just one Anon, we know it’s you!>

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