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All I wanted to do was make sure Dr. Moshos got the credit he deserved.

January 8 2006 at 7:08 AM
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Brian Keith O'Hara  (no login)

Response to Response for Ang

Somehow that keeps getting lost in the personal attacks on me.
Dr. Moshos was a "Doctor Feel-Good" in Torrance(both Anissa's Mom and Johnnie Whitaker described him that way; LAPD in the LA Times described him as a drug-dealer, who sold to kids through his dispensary, which is also how Anissa's Mom described him too); his office was less than 1/3 mile from Torrance High School; and he specialized in selling drugs to kids. He had side window(drive-up type), which in fact served kids who waited in line to get his "prescriptions" filled.
It wasn't me who said that, it was the LA Times.
Anissa bought the drugs that killed her from him. She wanted quaaludes, but all he had in his dispensary at the time was the incredibly powerful sedative Seconol(which tends to disprove Kathy Garver's theory that Anissa commited suicide, Anissa did not go to his office to buy the drug that killed her).
The LA Times reported that kids used to line up around the block to get drugs from him. His office, just off Western Avenue, is a mixed use area, fronting commercial building but his back alley abutted a residential area. It was because of these huge lines, sometimes numbering hundreds of kids, that he came to the attention of LAPD. The lines ran into the neighborhood, neighbors complained, by July 1976 he was being staked-out by the DA and LAPD.
My argument has been that LAPD should have shut him down immediately once they discovered what he was doing. This wasn't somebody selling marijuana to get high. He was selling the most powerful drugs on the market to the highest bidder. One of which was Seconol, which isn't even commonly prescribed anymore, because it is so powerful and dangerous. And very commonly abused like Quaaludes, except a hundred times more dangerous. You Want Seconol today, you have to go to a third world country, because the second a Doctor prescribes here, the FDA will be crawling up your and your Doctor's digestive tract.

My information. is that at least Twenty OD'd on "his" drugs and three died, of whom Anissa was one. Of course, that wouldn't have stopped Anissa from buying drugs, if she wanted them, but would have made it much more difficult for the kids who came to him for a "fix."
Anissa's Mom sued him(his estate, actually) on her and Paul's behalf for malpractice, and won. He plea bargained the multi-count indictment to 3 Felonies, for which he never served time for since he died from hepatitis in December 1976.
It is my theory, that sometime in the mid-1970's, Dr. Moshos found out that he was dying from hepatitis. He said to himself to hell with it, and turned on the money spigot by selling drugs to kids.
Older siblings would take their underage siblings to see him. The man had no consceince and yet he is seldom mentioned and hardly ever condemned, which seems particularly odd, considering, that he is the only person other than Anissa Jones held accountable for her death. California is a vicarious liability state with aportioned responsibility. Anissa was held 30% responsible for her own death and Dr. Moshos 70% responsible because of his drug-dealing mal-practice.

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