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Re: For Theresa & Ron

April 3 2006 at 1:31 PM
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Theresa  (no login)

Response to For Theresa & Ron

<<<Oh and to Theresa, when someone questions their sexuality it does not mean they become a lesbian or homosexual.>>>

I don't believe that's what I said or even intimated.

<<<Out of respect we are desperately trying to avoid any posts about our classmates and friends sexual experiences or fantasies, and would prefer to leave them out of bounds, specially here! Your assistance would be more than greatly appreciated!!!>>>

Sure, no problem. That was going to be the last I mentioned of it anyway since Ms. Beal was the one who brought it up. I had never heard anything regarding Anissa's sexuality and couldn't care less.
Note: Ms. Beal's not being scolded here, not sure why I am.

<<<Tristan D’ was 2 years younger that Anissa, no one can come up with any info on a friend named Belinda however Anissa had a group of friends that she smoked dope with that she isolated from the Westchester group, also she had a whole new crowd when she attended Del Rey Continuation.>>>

The info on Belinda came from BKO.

<<<As for Joey Petifils, do you mean Patrick (or his brother Sam?)>>>

No, I mean Joe. He does exist in and also can be googled. He sent a lovely email about his vacation with Anissa, and I have no doubt he was in fact truthful and it was in fact Joey P. (I have my reasons).
Also, my apologies for misspelling his last name. Nothing but an innocent mistake. I could've checked the spelling before posting but I didn't. Don't read anything into that, unless of course you want to.

<<<(there was no will at the time of her death when I was at USC, I have heard others refer to one though, so if legit’ it must have surfaced sometime later, much later.)>>>

Again, info from BKO.

<<<I thought Beth Beal, Ron and I did answer your questions, with the info we have, am I wrong?>>>

For the most part yes. I guess I was refering to Belinda, Carla, and Anissa's father's girlfriend's family. The subject of Belinda however was addressed by you in your email.

<<<Thank you.>>>

No, Thank you. But, from your tone, I've obviously hit some kind of nerve.
My problem is that (as I said) 95% of my info has come from the filter of BKO. That should not be held against me. As a matter of fact, it would be so much easier for me to just accept what I've heard as gospel and move on. I haven't. That's why I'm here and why'd I'd love to read the "classmates site", although I know that is impossible.

Maybe I'll consider going back to lurking. I certainly don't want to upset anyone, and that is the last thing I would want to do.

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