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Anissa Jones and Allan "Butch" Koven

April 20 2006 at 9:38 PM
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Dave Koven  (no login)

Response to Re: Whoops, that was me Bobby B'

As a child growing up, I have recollections of the tragedy involving Anissa Jones. It was my older brother Butch who was dating her at the time, who was more than 10 years older than I. I was just a little man. This terrible incident occured just a few days before my 7th birthday, and I remember this was the second year in a row something seemed to happen bad on or around my birthday. Just a year earlier, on my 6th birthday, I burnt the house down on 84th Street in Westchester after lighting some boxes on fire with matches and trying to put them out with my Emergency 51 fire trucks I received at my party.

Anyway, to clear up some confusion, Allan Koven was and still is his name; however, from birth he was nicknamed Butch. It was a family name for him that stuck for the remainder of his life. We had a cousin in the family also named Alan too. It just so happened that Butch seemed to fit him as he grew up to be the bad-boy he became.

In reference to the characterization, it is true in a sense, but nobody knows the entire story, and unfortunately, I do not have a book deal, as it would be a novel. My brother had issues in the earlier part of his life. For him, I know he and all of the other people at that party where that terrible incident occured consider themselves lucky, as it could have been any of them. They were all there as teenagers doing the same exact things, which included drugs, drinking, whatever, etc. Butch was not the ideal teenager; ;however, neither was our sister Heidi, who is 2 years older than Butch and 12 years older than I (also Westchester native), and I too had many problems as well many years later. The Koven kids of Westchester were hell-raisers, and even though our parents were often blamed by other parents, they were good parents and did nothing wrong but provide us with a good home, and provide for us.

The point is in short version is all of us turned it around in our lives. As mentioned, Butch is married with three kids, Heidi is a mother and grandmother now, I am married with four kids, and our parents are still alive in West LA where god-willing, they will celebrate 50 years of marriage next month.

It is hard to believe that the passing of Anissa Jones is going to be 30-years this August.

Dave Koven

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