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Re: Ding Dong!

April 24 2006 at 5:52 PM
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Response to Ding Dong!

I agree with what you said.

My parents did the same thing to my brothers and me; that is why it is so easy for me to understand that part of Anissa and Paul's story. My story was as bad, trust me, that is no way to raise children, whether in Playa Del Ray or Atlanta.

The only people she had any contact with after "Family Affair," were Brian, who really was a nice guy and Anissa really loved him and I know he really loved her(he offered her a role on his next show, no questions asked); Sebastian, Anissa and Paul became very close to his daughter because they were with her all the time on the set(when shooting during the summer, which Anissa particularly hated. I think Sebastian brought his daughter so Anissa would have someone "to hang with" when Susan Neher was busy shooting on "To Rome With Love."; and Les Kaufman, publicity head for the show and one of the really terrific human beings in Paul and Anissa's life.

I think Anissa may have gotten a card from Johnnie and Kathy after the show, and while Paula denies it, she have may have come to Anissa's 18th Birthday Party. I really don't think she had any interest in any relationship with anyone else, period.

I forget to whom it was addressed, or why she didn't mail it, but Anissa wrote a letter around 1969/1970 to a friend and told the story of why she hated acting.
She hated those little girl dresses she had to wear: she resented have them fly up revealing her panties. She hated the pigtails and wanted to get rid of them too. The second shooting was done for the day, she took them down and ran towards the car. She resented giving up her summers and not being able to do things with her friends. Paula told me that once her class was going to the La Brea Tar Pits and Mr. Hartmann nixed Anissa going along. Anissa was furious. I imagine that type thing only got worse as time went along.
She sent the letter to Edmund Hartmann the Producer. He never replied, but ran into Paula one day shortly afterwards in the hall and said what's wrong with your daughter? She sends me a letter when she sees me everyday?

By 1970, she hated acting. She gave an interview on a publicity trip to San Diego, which anyone curious about Anissa really felt should read. She unloaded with both barrels. She hated acting, she hated publicity. She resented pretending to be "Buffy."
Anissa had a lot of spirit and she wasn't going to take anymore crap from anyone.
I admire her more for quiting than I for being on a hit show in the first place.

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