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April 23 2007 at 1:34 AM
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Response to Re: Response to Brian and about Anissa and the Law

Steve Liss lives in Yucca or Indio I think now. He traveled to Rancho Mirage to see Steve Lodge (at Borders,) and has mailed him the Anissa/Lucy story which Mr. Lodge (and J. Whittaker for that matter) enjoyed a lot.

Through some correspondence with Steve Liss I discovered he had mostly connected with Don (and origionally Tido, until the divorce,) Fedderson. (Did you know that Tido was an actress in the Ten Commandments.)

Don's son Mike (last name changed to Minor,) was married to Linda Henning of Petticoat Junction fame and friend to Anissa. That's how the Jones' got a puppy from the Petticoatt Junction group. Mike was a pretty big star in the Soaps of the day and my wife recognized him right away when she saw his picture.

Don's son Greg had a role on Family Affair and Stephen kidded with Kathy Garver about him being her boyfriend, but that was on the show only, and I guess and might be part of the source of irritation. (However I guess she does NOT now claim to have been at Anissa's 18th Birthday party!)

Stephen Liss connected with a Fedderson family member circa 1990 when Mr. Fedderson and the family were going through some tough times with Alzheimer's and his quote was; 'I was working as a carpet cleaner in 1990 when I ran into one of Mr. Fedderson's relatives on La Tierra and she told me Don was having a pretty hard time with Alzheimer's. I told her how wonderful he and Tido were to me and my Father and when I mentioned that I had the part of Randy on Family Affair, she called Yvonne and I went up and visited him. It was so sad that all I could do to keep from crying was to try and act silly and make him laugh and I was invited back often and the funny part was he remembered me, because he laughed like a little boy every time he saw me! He deteriorated and passed a few years later and I wasn't invited to the services, but I was SO grateful to have been able to pay him back a little for what he had done for my Dad and I!!!' (Yvonne Fedderson wrote a TV movie last year, ‘For the love of a child’ that won a few awards Stephen tells me.)

Anyway, sad that Stephen rubbed Kathy the wrong way. He has great stories about Steve Lodge (and Thelma) though.

Oh, and Tristan M' does NOT like people calling her Trisie at all! Just a heads up. (She and her sisters has some pretty great writings from Anissa and pictures as well.)

I do not have any problems with you and am grateful for your contributions, just to clarify my position.

I do wish you would have shared more about Melody though. A few of the old friends wrote Paula, but she either unwilling or unable to return any information about Melody.

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