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Stardom did little good for her

May 13 2007 at 2:11 PM
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Response to Re: Melody

Not contradict, two different eras. Though there was a very torn side to Anissa Jones a push-me pull-you if you will. My wife babysat Anissa and Paul before Anissa became famous. She was quiet but after she warmed up to you she wanted desperately to be the center of attention. So much so that she could be unbelievably disruptive and moody.

Her mom promoted her and she had some great success in parades and in commercials but Anissa became withdrawn and didn’t want to talk about that. That’s the strange part, she lived a dream but there was something very dark about the pressure or how she was handled. My wife speculates that there was some dissatisfaction based on fame not being what she thought it should be. (When Anissa was very young and my wife gave her the attention that she wanted, she would often become frustrated and cry or whine because everything didn’t go exactly as she thought it should and she would re-run everything from the beginning trying to get it perfect which of course rarely happened. So she was unhappy almost all of the time and she withdrew, sometimes to her brother whom she could flip around like a toy doll and sometimes within herself.)

She did not like being treated like the character she portrayed and complained openly to the old PDR people. The little girl that wanted to be the center of attention became the ultimate version of that in 1967 and 8. But it was Buffy they adored not Anissa. It was the dichotomy that was Anissa. And when she discovered she had power she would push it with her mom and brother and at the studio and she could get away with some awful behavior. Eventually that spilt out onto neighbors and friends. Stardom did little good for her.

When the show got cancelled I guess she thought down deep being a major star, that something would come up but she was under 5 feet and looked much younger than she was and casting directors wanted her cast as another Buffy and she did not want to go that route again. But adult roles would take too much time and she realized she probably would never shake the Buffy image. So she handled it by trying to convince others that she wanted out of the business. Beth said that inside she still needed to be the center and that led her to groups of her peers that did some pretty insane things as unmonitored kids will sometimes do.

It would be very fair to say that she had a love hate relationship with fans. Sometimes she was overwhelmed by attention paid to her by some sweet gesture and more often she would be quiet and deeply hurt by fans that didn’t realize she wasn’t Buffy Davis who was a character she played and she didn’t live with Jody, Sissy, Mr. French and Uncle Bill!

By the time she was in trouble again right before during and after her 18th birthday she wanted to be left completely alone with her bad behavior and terrible friends. The only acceptance she sought out was theirs. And she got into a quagmire where drugs and booze were her escape and way of dealing with her descent. And on the 28th of August in that last year her poor judgment ended it all.

Wm. B

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