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September 10 2007 at 2:25 PM
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REAL PDR PEOPLE!  (no login)

Response to What Happened

Problem is Larochelle deletes people from PDR’s comments and then let’s others that didn’t know Anissa or Paul Jones stay! Who elected him king of the world! What happened to free speech over there!

I’m sick of his self righteous B.S.! He let Carla be attacked. Maybe she didn’t bow down and kiss his ass enough! And who is this Neil guy, I don’t think there is any such person, just another persona that JSL uses to take the heat off himself! He was out of town when things got hot this weekend, Oh how convenient!

He’s a Brian hater too, you should see the abuse he lets him have over there! I think you all are wrong about him and that forum! It is not something to be proud of at all! It and he are a piece of crap!

News Flash people, he is not from PDR! He never knew Anissa! He is a nasty pea brained nobody that gets his jolly’s acting like some demi-god! I hope he and all of those loyalists fall off the edge of the earth somewhere and good riddance to the lot!

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