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Re: Larochelle

September 10 2007 at 9:48 PM
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Response to Larochelle

<Problem is Larochelle deletes people from PDR’s comments and then let’s others that didn’t know Anissa or Paul Jones stay!>

Two things, first Beth Beal was Anissa's babysitter and the Beals still live in Playa Del Rey, they had hard words for the hard word throwers! Two, with all the lies that people post how the hell can we believe who is from PDR and who isn't? For that matter how do we know who really knew the Jones? You are asking for two levels of citizenship there aren't you! From what I hear that was a problem for years and years, that 'I knew her better than you did' mentality! It was wrong then and is wrong now, super childish!

<Who elected him king of the world!>

May come as a surprise, BUT IT'S HIS FORUM! He makes the rules not you! Trust me Larochelle has the most experience actually running a forum about Anissa (outside of Mr. Wilkins!) That forum is supposed to be a moderated forum for the Anissa (and Paul) Jones fans. It was needed and asked for. Many of us feel he does a damn fine job.

<What happened to free speech over there!>

It is like the Spartan Movie; there you are held accountable for your words, even the king. He deletes his posts too!

<I’m sick of his self righteous B.S.!>

Is someone forcing you to stay? I have never seen him post a cross word about anybody, never mind act self righteous! Many here can attest to his character and your words aren't very believable!

<He let Carla be attacked. Maybe she didn’t bow down and kiss his ass enough!>

He was about the only one that supported Carla. He wrote a very long post including an apology for Carla for words that were not his! He deleted the negative posts against her and made his position clear, that she should be treated with respect and that he would personally miss her! They actually had a pretty good relationship and her withdrawal was a shock to most of us, especially him from what I see!

<And who is this Neil guy, I don’t think there is any such person, just another persona that JSL uses to take the heat off himself! He was out of town when things got hot this weekend, Oh how convenient!>

Neil Cathgart is a real person, many of us have shared emails with him and J.T. Allen has spoken to him on the phone. He was known as JSG (Just Some Guy) here. He has worked for Larochelle for the last few years.

<He’s a Brian hater too, you should see the abuse he lets him have over there!>

On the contrary, he has given Brian the benefit of the doubt when it looked pretty grim for Brian! And he still talks with respect when it comes to Brian, even though many of us now have our doubts about him.

<I think you all are wrong about him and that forum! It is not something to be proud of at all! It and he are a piece of crap!>

You are foolish and if you really did care for Anissa (at least as much as your own ego,) you are a hypocrite at best.

<News Flash people, he is not from PDR!>

He has never claimed to be! However those who are, from the other forum will tell you he fell in love with the place and the people! I thought I read that Carla moved away disgusted with the people from PDR and has been in Santa Cruz the rest of her life!

<He never knew Anissa!>

He didn't claim to! Again are you inferring that only people that knew Anissa have any right to talk about her? Wow you are on the wrong continent fella, maybe you should migrate to Russia or something! In reality yours is the abhorrent anti-freedom elitist attitude, you just refuse to see it!

<He is a nasty pea brained nobody that gets his jolly’s acting like some demi-god! I hope he and all of those loyalists fall off the edge of the earth somewhere and good riddance to the lot!>

I note he has many a time said he did not want the role that was thrust upon him! And that he preferred fading into the background, so Anissa and Paul and those that cared for them could have there own forum! Doesn't sound like a pea-brain looking for demi-god status to me!

Finally and this may come as a shock to you, the Earth is round...

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