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An Old PDR Responce

September 11 2007 at 10:11 AM
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Response to Re: Larochelle

I was a PDR person (our family, the Atkins, had been there since the end of the war when it was sparse twin communities, Playa and Palisades Del Rey.) We moved to Gardena in 1992 (a few blocks away from Jeff's home and across from Robby Gordon.) In fact Judy saw her Mom a few years ago when she was back visiting the old neighbors. We also knew the Howland’s down by the beach. Whenever I heard that Mrs. Jones song I thought about poor Mrs. Jones where Rees Street begins. We didn’t know her but our hearts went out to her!

Carla got a hard time in old PDR over her drug use, her adamant belief that Marijuana should be legalized and was safe, and the lifestyle that the group she belonged to engaged in, including going to the PDR apartment and taking everything Anissa Jones had. Death did not dissuade them; her brother took drugs and died really young too. They would have had much the same response from any community in my opinion (including Santa Cruz.)

That was years and years ago, and now few hold her to that behavior, the feelings are still there, mostly turned to sadness, but so much water under the bridge, the old PDR folks would rather embrace and mend fences, of that I am positive. There were a lot of people to mend fences with from the 60's and 70's.

Her attacks over in the other forum were horrid and stirred up the old feelings which perhaps were better off unsaid, but that did not happen.

Worse yet it widened the gap, that shouldn't have happened! But there we are! Finger pointing is senseless both sides were horrid, best that can be said is it is over.

She always hated people talking about her like this, so I’ll apologize in advance and say wish it all hadn’t happened. I think most of her complaints were with the other kids at school, but I could be wrong.

But saying she was hounded out of PDR would not be fair either.

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