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Re: An Old PDR Responce

September 11 2007 at 8:25 PM
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Response to Re: An Old PDR Responce

Just bring you up to speed I know exactly where that location is. Before it was Howard Hughes parkway I would ride my motorcycle in the bean fields next to the 405, ...... and ride a horses in the wetlands in PDR....... used to go out early in the AM and take the horses out in the ocean before the lifeguards arrived at #42 tower ( Mark Lanzono was the lifeguard posted there most of the days)......I also have a friend whose parents still lived on Beland next to OWJH............I also used to live in the Jungle right were Culver deadends into Trolley.....first house on the bottom half of the duplex with the patio facing the volleyball net.....they used to have drag races down Pershing going towards Imperial.....Thrill hill where you could get air ..... all the homes were bought out by the airport......there was an old Hot Dog stand with the walk up window Vista Del Mar Lane and Culver where the Cliffhouse now named something Eddy at the Shack as well as Joey Deponte, Rod Landreth and all the other PDR folks.......Hanks, Urvillas, Sand dune liquour.......they used to deliver to my house in the Jungle ......Mike Jarvis so many more.... I know alot more but do not want to be attacked for it from all the haters in both forums.....

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