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Re: Gregg

October 6 2007 at 1:52 PM
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Stephen Liss  (no login)

Response to Re: Gregg

What I thought were the facts about Kathy Garver were not. So she thinks I made them up, when actually I was going on what others had said and became what we thought was gospel here. I wanted to ask her about Gregg and Fred Henry who was the glue that held Fedderson together as well as some of the other crew members, but we only shared two emails and then I was on ignore. I am assuming she did not remember my father at all, because she made no mention of him.

So I learned my lesson and now I don't rely on anyone else’s information, with the exception of Larochelle's. (And even then we have to sit down and put our heads together on things.) I would be REALLY skeptical of information posted here, about 10 percent of it is great, but the rest won't even qualify as material that might exit the south end of the livestock. Like Larochelle says we have to respect your judgment to makes sense of things, because there is so much disinformation!

And heaven help you if you have one little factoid ever so slightly askew when it comes to Anissa, you are immediately ridiculed, assaulted and in most cases treated as if you have no importance on this earth and that you have no value as a human being and all of your life's accomplishments are worth nothing! (Where did all of that come from?)

Larochelle was told that Suzie and Monique Watkins were twins, dead from drug overdoses, and that a neighbor that had the same last name, was Elaine's son. All apparent bunk, but the purveyors of that info are still trying to get him to believe it.

But the largest cardinal sin is those that CALLED Elaine to talk about it! Shades of throwing Mrs. Beasley dolls from car windows at the Littler Lane address!

I am totally aware that there is a foul element out there mixed in with the good! I used to be on Flipper with Luke Halpin and on the rare occasion that we'd risk venturing out for burgers people wouldn't let us eat, they'd interrupt in the middle of a bite, ask for autographs and even take our things as souvenirs right in front of us. Public restrooms were sources for even worse harassment as well! While in Miami we found we HAD to get out of the hotel because we'd get calls at 1 o'clock in the morning. So we'd end up at the producer’s house.

Don't call people on here! Don't visit or hang out at the addresses! If you need a place to go, there's always Disneyland! If your parent's didn't instill in you the decency and courtesy to treat people and their privacy with respect, try growing it on your own!

(Along that line, I have a great story about when I was in Las Vegas as a guest for the distributors of the Blake Edwards video release and met Annie Sprinkles, but if you'd like to hear it, it would probably be best shared via email, you can request mine through Larochelle at:

This board is a good place to discuss Anissa Jones, (I don't think it should be wielded as a knife!) but it's appropriate and I appreciate finding others that I had worked with and sharing our past with fans. It's like therapy and for that I am very grateful, but that should be where it ends!

Well thank you for letting me ramble and jump up on the soapbox!!!!!!!! I am not used to being listened to (father of 3.)

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