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February 18 2008 at 6:06 PM
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Nathan  (no login)

Response to Re: hopefully this is the last time..

You know there are a few problems with the pro Anissa group that affect you.

Jerome Larochelle has their loyalty (and mine!) and he asks them to treat you with respect, so they attack the crowd that was being cruel to you.

They got most of their information from a guy named Brian Keith OHara. They didnt make any of it up and most were shocked when some of the stuff he had told them started turning up untrue when Larochelle started talking to people like Bill Krunglevich and Dick Headrick. (Larochelle was one of the co-ordinators of the Leticia Hernandez search, when the marines were asked to provide manpower to look for the rest of the body in March of 1991, Bill Krunglevich was the detective assigned to the case, they know/knew each other.)

Some people do come in here and make up stories or suggest throwing Mrs. Beasley dolls out onto the lawn at the Oceanside home or post dead actress jokes (it goes on for quite a while and I dont blame you if you dont believe me!) and the good people have always successfully fought them off, (often needing Jeromes help.)

Many of them knew or came to the realization that Brians info came from Paula. Larochelle was really good at trying to get them to understand that this wasnt intentional disinformation and the fans took it pretty well. They stayed loyal to Paula and Brian OHara because for years that was the only group that would talk to them! They still are loyal to them!

When Jerome took your side, and he didnt have to because the posts turned awful fowl, they accepted his request and did a fair job of stopping the attacks on you. There was a lot of email work behind the scenes that was for your benefit as well.

Now when people (or a person) come in here and attack Paula Jones, you leave messages thanking them for the truth. Your support of butt outt, and Betty (who have been fowl to you in the past, and extremely anti-Larochelle,) when they start their attack thing. (Betty even has a post on here that tells Larochelle too bad he didnt die!) And anytime someone blames Paula for what happens to the kids you are the first in line to send them love and support.

You gotta see that the good people just walk away shaking their heads and stinging from the betrayal, dont you?

Even if the haters have the truth, it is how the truth is interpreted and used that is sometimes more important. I was a big follower of the Eagles site In the Shadow of Eagles (Jerome Larochelle was the author/administrator for one of the Michigan Freys.) A girl that lived in Laurel Canyon posted a rather graphic tale of an affair she had with Dusty Springfield. Dusty Springfields friend posted that she had heard some elements of what had happened many years ago, but that even if it were true why bring it up so long after her death! Larochelle removed it, but everyone had to sling gossip and talk about it for ages, human nature really. The pro Anissa group combated that here for years! And successfully at that! They fought and demanded removal and took heaps of abuse to get the haters to let it drop! (Even Libby Vega agreed to never bring up any thing remotely sexual again.) It was a fine victory and the reason you dont see porn links and threads about their sex lives in here!

Even if these are people you knew from PDR, and there is doubt because of the similarity in posts and the attacks on Paula and cheering for the butt outt character, you have a strange way of siding against those that were your support base.

The pro Anissa group doesnt come here to discuss her private life, but they enjoy talking about her and the efforts to keep her memory alive.

You give off the appearance that you are on the short list that wants anarchy and this place pulled down or set-up for nastiness.

I am not attacking you, and have rewritten this a number of times because I know my fellow Marine wants me to treat you the way I would want to be treated.

Just thought you might want to know where it looks like you are to us. And probably holding the door open for the haters who love the nastiness either intentionally or not.

If you are good with this then nothing I say will do any good.

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