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Re: Now you know

March 19 2008 at 6:53 PM
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Response to Now you know

Number one you werenít the one that mentioned the security door first. Number two JSL didnít say she was well taken care of, that was Carla and she said she had people to help take care of her. Pointing fingers at the woman for being nude in public is rude and obnoxious; but we expect that from you actually. Not her nephew, itís her cousin. Did they claim you were the out of state IP or Betty, or are you the victim of a hijacked nickname? Hard for us to keep track when you canít keep track of your own personalities!

Iím guessing your new tactic is to take what otherís say and do an ĎI told you soí, well itís infinitely preferable to your insistence on talking about Anissaís and Paulís sex-lives!

And you are a bold faced liar and the biggest load of bull shit ever to hit any server, but we all know that.

Enjoy your ill fame here. I noticed they still bounce you at the other forum, you freak!

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