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Re: Ok then why sue after he is dead

April 11 2008 at 4:21 PM
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Response to Re: Ok then why sue after he is dead

Well he referred to himself as John , not Paul and I am surprized the so called private fourm having so many copies of other court records, they don't have them for this hearing ,with neighbors testifing on behalf of the kids.Maybe they do.In regards to the current moderator at the QT and comments about an open mind ,It seems like a rush to judgement about people who knew the family.A comment about their need for psychological help,you do not know them.A post right after yours on your board from a man saying his wife called him crying about this board,If that is considered sane then maybe it is best to post here where you get all kinds ,but it is not censored by someone who is bias to her son.It sounds like JSL has more logic in that he realizes a fourm for"Anissa and Paul" would be far more interesting hearing from people that actually knew them.Until JSL or some one with logic returns to QT ,you will get a very one sided view that is not realistic.

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