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April 12 2008 at 2:20 AM
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Check this..
The other board is starting a mailing group. You must be APPROVED before you can join. And this is based on IP addresses and I'm assuming other factors too. It looks like Mr. Beal will be doing the approval process.

While there are many problems with this, I want to address one that affects me and may affect others.

If you use a service such as MSN or AOL, everytime you sign in you are given an IP number. With these particular services the IP number can be different each time you sign in.

I'll give you an example:
With their new protocol, I could be banned although I've never posted anything antagonisitic or untrue. If someone else using MSN/AOL has posted something vile and I happen to sign on and am assigned an IP that corresponds with theirs (once upon a time), I'm mud in their eyes.

I know this because there are times when I've even tried to post on this very board and get a message saying I'm not allowed to post. I then just sign off and sign on again (getting another IP assigned) and I'm good to post. Interesting in that there is censorship on this board too, and innocent people are being kept from posting who did nothing wrong.

So, here we go. They'll have another little elite group (like the classmates) and share their stories and gossip behind the scenes. Actually I kind of find this funny. Not sure why, but I do.

And while I don't want to see anyone cry, the woman on the other board and her husband do need to get a grip. That's just insane.

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