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April 12 2008 at 2:42 AM
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Response to Mailing group

Re: Carla

I'm really baffled by this. I heard she started off being very nasty to JSL and he tried his best to befriend her. She finally came to her senses and realized he meant no harm. They became friends.

Her posts to this board and the other board were always very brief (kind of like one-liners) and were not negative or attacking in any way. Actually they were totally uninformative.

Suddenly someone going by "Carla" posted a few foul things. This was not the same poster as the original Carla (I thought). It just didn't sound like the same person. As a matter of fact, the real Carla (I thought) came on here and said there was a Carla imposter and she was fed-up and leaving.
In the meantime, Neil believes the imposter IS Carla and that Carla has turned completely evil.

Since and when all this happened, Carla was attacked on this forum and banned on the other. All the while I'm thinking how unfair because someone had hijacked her nym.

This is just my point of view from the way it all went down. Actually, I'm sorry we lost Carla.

And another thing about the other board...
I have not and will not participate there because of their policies regarding IP's along with what happened to Carla. I worry that I could be blamed for writing something I did not. And I think and hope that they in fact jumped to conclusions where Carla was concerned.

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