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Re: "Ritzee" Has Got an IMDB Tale to Tell...

August 8 2008 at 6:33 AM
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Response to Re: "Ritzee" Has Got an IMDB Tale to Tell...

Well the obvious, Anissa was in Eastlake Juvenile in 1974 after her father died. They (J.T. Allen and the private forum,) have files on her relocation to the Las Palmas facility complete with posts from a teacher of hers at that facility. After she refused to go either back home to her mom or to her father’s mother the Magistrate committed her. She was charged with runaway and shoplifting. She was 15 but looked much younger. By 16 she was out of detention. Never heard the one about her mother being a prostitute! Paul was charged with assault on his mother but she asked that the charges be dropped. I don’t know where you came up with 2004 or 2006, no date is mentioned anywhere. Butt will jump on it because it is Anti-Anissa’s mom. No not credible, you can forgive all the incorrect age, they separated the kids by age and Anissa was so small and vulnerable looking she went with the youngest offenders, the 16 year olds were segregated from that group except when they shared the day room (to watch TV) and then the staff kept a keen eye on them. Just another troll, good company for Butt tho’. IMDB's boards are dripping with 'wanna be'(s), we've had trouble with them before. Thanks for the access to the private files Mrs. Bell! Is it just me or does anyone else notice that they won’t defend Anissa either!

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