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September 17 2008 at 1:13 AM
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Response to Re: PLEASE

Sorry to hear you bothered Mr. Alper. He is neither a member of the private forum nor did he scan anything of Anissa's files. Those files were from Mrs. Jones and Brian O'Hara, (I believe.)

Mrs. Bell was referring to Mr. Alper's yearbook scans because one of the Westchester classmates who keeps up with his site saw that he mentioned he had scanned the Orville Wright and Westchester ones (his we assume,) and was happy about it, mentioning it to her friends.

Mrs. Bell saw that message and thought that would be a good resource since you were arguing about Robin Jones! That's all, no great conspiracy, no betrayal by Mr. Alper!

If you are referring to the Aussie, we are not him (he?) You have this dementia that you are talking to one person. Weird! No I am from the U.S.A.

My grandmother is from the same generation as Mrs. Bell, they both share pride in their husbands and love to be referred to and refer to themselves as Mrs...

Who was rude to who??????????

Mrs. Bell did not attach the photos, Markus (and probably Judy B) did. Mrs. Bell does a fine job though and when she needs help she gets it!

For the ten thousandth time you do not own Anissa Jones, Westchester High (Orville Wright, Paseo Rey Elementary) and it's Alumni, Playa Del Rey (and the Manchester/Westchester area) and you certainly don't have any higher ground to steak out!

You were the one telling everyone that their was no Black Robin Jones. When a few people from the private forum catch you in a lie they post what they can offer to refute you. Heaven knows they have enough lies from you to keep them busy!!!!!!

We don't enjoy you making a fool out of yourself, you seem to have a knack at doing that all on your own and trust me we are positive that you are NOT for real!!!!!

We didn't throw out any names, you (or some fool) keeps attacking those that come here, sometimes legit PDR people who make the mistake to believe that they might be able to post and find old friends here. We remember you bombing the Open Topic Forum, we knew that was you, do you want us to believe now that it isn't you that is bombing the email addresses? Or probably the first websight which is why they went private in the first place? Ashworth said it wasn't him looks mighty like it wasn't! You definitely were the cause of the second one going private! Now someone is bombing three emails that we know of, Please! You walk like a duck quack like a duck smell like a duck and want us to believe you are a ???????

Your logic is fuzzed; we know you are lying because you are typing. The real card for us is when you talk about people like they don't exist and we have been talking to and emailing these people for years! Their friends and supporters even come here to defend them. You on the other hand have... One Australian who you now reward disrespect and innuendo.

Most of us feel you are debunked but we do look forward to a day when you let go of the lies and misdirection. Meanwhile there is peace in the other forums, where you aren't.

Thankfully (or Mercifully they are occupied at the moment,) but some of us have committed to keeping an eye out here.

Kind thoughts and keen understanding for Mr. Alper, sorry to see you get stuck with the nut (if that is indeed happening.)

Also from requests at the other forums (you will see this on many of our posts from now on)...

-All our Love and Prayers to our Marine and his family we remain Always Faithful.-

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