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September 22 2008 at 1:32 PM
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I had been on a Message board about 9-11 that had the same problems that I see at this one. I thought it was a CNN board but my wife says that it was an AP message board (or something like that.) And she has a better memory than I do.

There were a group that used to go there that believed the attacks on 9-11 were a government conspiracy. They were constantly going on about the plane being shot down by U.S. fighter jets and that explosives had been planted in the World Trade Towers to intentionally demolish them, it goes on and on.

It was a ridiculous group of skewered facts and they emotionally fought vigorously to prove their theory, including videos interviews books and Internet sites. In the end their arguments turned out debunked when we were fortunate enough to catch some engineers and law enforcement personnel that were browsing the board.

The shocking thing was that as more of these conspiracy points were debunked the more outrageous disruptive disrespectful and shocking their messages got! Most of the good people that we had come to know were absolutely soured and the fled never to return. One was a woman that said she was 9-11 widow, I don\'t know if she was or not but she was a good friend to the message board and did not deserve what she got!

And just like this message board there was one that took the lead in attacks and ludicrous behavior. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said they have a bizarre need to be the center of attention.

We even tried to appeal to the administrator to close the board but we only got directed to a FAQ page and they would send us a stock answer that said discourse was a positive thing and that they encouraged people to work out their differences! It was only terrifically foolish laziness and we all knew it!

Some of the attacks were so outrageous that people sought out help from law enforcement and other Internet sites. The site never recovered and it became a shameful place with the foulest crap you ever saw!

Finally mercifully the message board expired and no one was able to post anymore. I always felt that if we had known this we would have sent positive messages at the end so that there would be a few positive messages mixed with the unbelievable shocking ones that are now visible.

I would not want to relive those days and from the two pages we read here it looks like you are stuck with the same sort of challenged individuals and outrageously ridiculous messages.

Although our hearts go out to your JSL and the loss of the baby, I see some good people trying to help out the fans of the young lady and the show! That is nice to see, I don\'t think their decision to abandon this board worked out and it looks to us like they have figured that out as well. That would only leave a pariah of hateful and unbelievable hogwash to be viewed. I can not for the life of me figure out these board administrators who allow this to continue!

Just a message to the good people we have seen trying to rescue this place, don\'t give up. Your nasties will not go away so you will need to be vigilant.

I think in the end the best you can hope for is a draw, don\'t forget though that you need to respond to these nasties so that there is some kind of balance for people to drawn on.

Everyone on the 9-11 message board figured out that it really was an attack by a terrorist cell on the U.S. and that the group of conspiracy advocates were a group of crazies, I wish though that we had answered each and every lunatic rant so that there was a counter point for people to see.

You have our support and gratitude! By the way the things you have saved from that young ladies life are amazing I have never seen the likes of it!

Adam and Lily

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