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What the hell ....?

October 28 2008 at 7:53 PM
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Ok, I came onto this board because I am an Anissa Jones fan and I thought I'd learn some more about Anissa if I came to this board - like more about her friends, teenage years, etc.

But when I came on here i was SO confused. I have no clue what ANYONE is talking about...I mean I see discussions about Brian Keith O'Hara and Carla...whoever the hell they are and how they have anything to do with Anissa is beyond me. And the what f**k is "Butt out"? Whoever/whatever "butt out" is, he/she/it seems to start a lot of hate.

Honestly, I thought I'd find sweet messages saying "RIP Anissa" or maybe there'd be links to interesting pictures of Anissa. But I never guessed that I'd find so much hate and drama or even death threats. I mean really, for the love of does a board regarding the death of an ex child star (that died over 30 years ago) contain so much hatred? I really don't get it. Anissa would probably be disgusted.

Can someone please explain ANYTHING to me here? Like why this board is so rude or who the hell any of these people are? Thanks in advance.

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