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Re: Paula is not well.

February 10 2009 at 2:50 PM
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Response to Re: Paula is not well.

My husband wanted to respond but I convinced him to let me.

I wasn't using her as a cheapshot at all!

You were the one that came in to our forum and called butt a liar which was what we have been experiencing all along. I guess we could have accused you of saying 'Butt did this ,Butt did that,Butt said this, Butt said that!' But we knew what you said originally was true and that butt had a contact that she'd use to whittle just enough truth in her crap to use it against you. You however fell for it hook line and sinker, you were the only one besides a screwed up Australian that keeps butt on a string so that she catches the heat for him.

I do NOT belong to the privates if that is what you are referring too. If I had they would have tried to convince me not to post here. But I was witness to the people that were trying to stick up for you and saw you shove a knife between their shoulder blades and twist. And here's a ding ding, they weren't members of the private forum either!

There were others here that didn't need or want the crap! You clumping all of Anissa's fans together is really crazy. This is my group I was here for years and we did have people that I used to post to and we enjoyed ourselves and didn't engage in any improper behavior at all. We had a thing called loyalty, you might want to look that up.

They called you an Alcoholic because you act like one. They pointed out that you acted like you were holier than thou and blessed with actually being part of the 'in' crowd because that is how you act! If you don't like your self or your actions get pissed at yourself not us!

And I didn't say that you would be thrilled at Paula's ill-health but pointed out that butt and what's his name, who are Paula haters would be pleased, and I was correct!

Really I'd prefer not putting Paula up for ridicule and give her respect and privacy in this forum. I guess we just disagree there.

There were (occasionally are) good people here that were fans of Anissa Jones, but you seem to take a special joy on hammering them out of here. With your nasty language and suck up attitude you have been one of the bigger problems we have ever run across.

We all thought it was great to have you here and then you started this attitude and JUMPED onto the haters and they saw that you had no class and would betray the people here that had stuck up for Anissa like when butt the alleged carla accused the Jones' of incest and all of that junk! I know you don't care, we get it! You enjoy the wild west attitude! You look to us like another one of those that like to come here and start ****, but don't come down on us for holding our noses when you enter or make a dash for the air-sick bag.

If you want respect you've got to bring something to the table. So far your seat is empty. And it's your actions

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