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Re: Early September is Kind of Weird

July 28 2009 at 12:40 PM
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Bill Ratekin  (no login)

Response to Re: Early September is Kind of Weird

Ok now,,pulled out just enough,,,now we know your a women, and a homophobe,strange considering the place you live,and has to be going through menapause,how else can you explain being this bitchy for this long,glove comment you didn't get it,,you have to be a women not to understand what i was saying.

And a old bitter women at that,i'm 43,,,that must put you between 50 to 55,,and i've got a sneaky feeling that you haven't aged well, and as much as your on the computer bet your hips are spreading
to,,,not much to do in LA for a plumb, pissed off 50 somthing is there!

In a town that bases everything on youth and beauty you must be feeling left out a bit huh,and i noticed your not useing Butt Outt(A.K.A Yellow Streak)thats ok i would know your stench anywhere.

And i have a question.What is the deal with this baby passing away.What did you say that has these folk in here so furious,and they are FURIOUS,so what was it that this poor little soul could have possiably said or done to make you start down that road,anybody reading this knows what was said,i missed it and would like to know,nothing would surprise at this point.So if you did say somthing mean about that baby,me and my tooth are the least of your problems.

I must say what joy you have brought,all the love and compassion,you know things you seem to be missing.
your byproduct is Rage,Hate and Contempt,congrats what a wonderful place you have made you should be proud, and i'm sure you are.
One more thing when you answer these posts,try not to be so mad,,your not very good with the written word to begin with, and when i have you mad, it is even worse.

There's just no getting through to you, never seen anything like you,what a great "friend"you must be....

Bill Ratekin

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