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May 6 2010 at 11:33 AM
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Libby  (no login)


I never met you an you dont know me but i bet you know that the post from the is not from any onr in the blocked pdr forum.Its from someon pretending to be. this is a good pretending forum. They got abot 7 names right the rest of thosr peoples firsts names arent ones I know or ever saw or joined. usually they get their facts wrong. Not much truth here now. Lots of nuts wanting to stir up stuf an argue an hurt people. I liked your stuff. I think some other in here might to but the agrivatorrs do there best to spit on us and make a devide between you an us. They want to stop an hurt an make up things an atack the good people who left them long long time ago! I dont belong to the blocked forum anymore becaus its more like a pdr group an i change my intetrnet so id have to get set up again an thats to hard but i do mis the movies. I still got lots of freinds from ther they are good people an they arent nothing like what they are claimed to be here. That Stephen guy is a good exampl he used to like to im here but some others atack him and pretend to be him an talk about his children sohe had to go. we all had to go.

But some good one still drop in an read this every little bit. for us could be better not to get mad at us an jump on us because of the agrivatorrs an liars. We got nothing to do with those! I hope i didnt get you upset. Thanks :) Libby Vega

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