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Re: The Death Of Anssisa Jones

September 25 2010 at 12:13 AM
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Response to Re: The Death Of Anssisa Jones

You got balls I'll say that for you. You chase the decent off, pretend to be others, lie, cheat, attack and then hide behind this forum moderators skirts. You and your counter ego are responsible for all of the nastiness! And I recall Mell having a dickens of a time trying to answer all of your fake emails when you tried to attempt to gain entry to the private forum through his portal and sneak into the private forum! Mell HAD to shut down his public site because you and your boyfriend there tried to bomb it as well as his email.

In no universe are you now nor will you ever be a friend of Anissa Jones, Michael.

Your delusion is exceeded only by your utter disdain for truth kindness sanity. It was Brian's photo of Paul's last pack of cigarettes, how is it that Paul's friends remembered he smoked that brand and you and your little boyfriend argued that he didn't even smoke? Ta Da, it's because you are utter liars and want this forum for your selves along with the occasional attacks which you have come to love!

I simply tried to let Mr. Ratekin know it WAS NOT the truth that we were the ones that had it in for him, just an informational welcoming hand. He can accept it or not, I wish him the best. Truth is we did not and do not attack him. The few people here that attacked him were allowed to join the private forum only if they stopped attacking him in here! And that was because Jo' El' who he emailed to was a fan of his and wanted the attacks on him to stop.

Now I got stuck with quite a mess of emails from people that are gun shy from dealing with you and the drug brat! Was my wife that used to IM here not me. But in reality your games reek and I wouldn't be surprised to see other real humans taking exception with your foul behavior on occasion. And you and your boyfriend are hopeless, this is meant as an explanation for those that don't know any better.

We DON'T list the names of Anissa's and PDR forum members or the other General Topics Forum now. So how do you know who is or isn't in them? And I do notice that you have inserted yourself in yet another venue that you do not belong. Rey PFID:Qq834Ssid560Rey

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