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Re: Royalties and Earnings on her 18th birthday BAD IDEA

January 30 2012 at 3:59 AM
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Response to Re: Royalties and Earnings on her 18th birthday BAD IDEA

Paula is stone cold dead.

Paula had no access to the earnings apparently. good. There would have been a windfall if Anissa made it to 1982 due to syndication rights.

Who comes to her defense? no-one who knew Anissa has ever done that. plenty? try two.

Lebanese women are whip smart but for some reason many go crazy around 40 and their perpetual anger twists and deforms them mentally and even physically. There are some absolute horrors in the real world that make Paula seem a saint in comparison. They are in real estate and banking. Gold before love.

There is much sadder stories than Anissa. The hell could have dragged on for decades like Rainbeaux Smith.

Was she a perfect parent? I doubt it. But I'll say, in her defense, it sounds like Anissa and Paul didn't always make her job as mother any easier.

For a small window of time, Anissa's choice of friends were impeccable and flawless, she lined up a group of natural down-to-earth fun people who shunned drugs and alchohol who had no interest in the fame-by-association angle whatsoever. I'm not sure the latter was good enough for the big ego in her small frame.

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