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Re: or was that someone pretending to be you?

April 11 2012 at 11:33 PM
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Bill Ratekin  (no login)

Response to Re: or was that someone pretending to be you?

Ok Bill here is the deal, I got hit from all sides,by people I don't even know, I've been called every name in the book. And some of the biggest problems in this forum are from Anissa's 'friends"or at least claiming to be and Butt Outt has said some God awful things to me and others, have you asked her these same questions?. I'm a musician who plays rough bars, places I had to fight to get into and fight to get out of, I don't take kindly to some of the things I've been called in here, and did I fight back...Your damn right I did. ANY one who has approached me with manners I've responded to with manners, Anyone who has attacked me I fought back.No one is gonna call me a wife beater, queer,pervert, theif and a liar and me just stand there and take it. Sorry it's not in me. One reason I use my name is because I have nothing to hide...period. And once again. I HAVE NEVER REVEALED BUTT OUTTS NAME.... Are we clear on that...I don't know what became of the pictures that were in Brian's possession. Have you asked Brian? Because I talk to him often and he is a good man.

And once again ... I'm one of the easiest people to contact in this forum. And I would love to talk to Kathy Garver or Susan Olsen,and who ever the others are, ...but ... because of this forum and some of the uncalled for reactions and over reactions of a few of Anissa's friends I'm not going to make the first move. Most of them are trainwrecks.

I am respected and known as one of the musical elite here, I've played the Rainbow, Ive played Halenbacks, I've played Tootsies in Nashville,I have recorded at the Omni on Division Street in Nashville in 6 months I graduate with degree in Visual Communications I'm moving foward.

I have friends all over this country and when a writer from Hollywood aproached me and asked me tough questions I didn't rip him apart nor was I rude. Why? Because they approached me with respect.And they used their names, I'm still friends with him. Have you read the responces to Anissa Jones the song on You Tube, I've made people ,strangers, feel good,Except Butch He is a lost cause. 80,000 at last count, and there are no fights, No attacks ,none of that

I treat people how they treat me, and that's not changing anytime soon. Sorry if you don't agree. So tell Kathy ,Susan and whoever else I'm sorry it has turned out this way.But i doubt if they want to talk to me anyway. I didn't start it. And if you go far enough back you should realize that.

And Bill that is awful news about your wife, I'm truly sorry to hear that. I've been with Brenda for almost 20 years and I would go nuts if I lost her. Sorry that I'm not more trusting.but in here that's how it has to be.
Come see me on Facebook and we will have a real talk.

Bill Ratekin

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