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how sophisticated

June 10 2012 at 9:27 PM
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Response to Re: cremation

with all due respect, it must be wonderful to be so strong, so logical, so thoroughly materialist reductionist, so resigned to philosophical apathy, so resigned to meaninglessness and insignificance, so philosophically stoic.

what's a dead body anyway? nothing but a collection of molecules and atoms. what's the voice of your beloved but sound waves transmitted through waves and received by the physical eardrum? what's a photograph of your child or wife, but a piece of colored paper, that is ultimately nothing but molecules and atoms. what's romantic love but a trick nature plays on us to get us to do some fu**ing and procreate the next ultimately meaningless and ultimately unneccesary generation.

next time you hear a stirring, inspired song that sends a thrill through your spine, and gives you goosebumps, and sends you into a reverie, remember the words of marcus aurelius; music is nothing but notes stringed together, reduce the melody to sequential sounds and you have nothing at all. next time you have a delicious meal on a sunny, sunday afternoon, with delicious wine, remember the words of marcus aurelius; this is nothing but dead fish and dead, rotting grapes; think that and you will be cured of your empty pretentions that anything in the world has meaning, significance, pleasure, or pain.

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