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Re: An actual question pertaining to...wait for it...Anissa Jones

July 18 2012 at 12:09 AM
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Response to Re: An actual question pertaining to...wait for it...Anissa Jones

I think the remark about Bill being replaced by a Maryland Creative Professor is supposed to go along with the July 16th 8:02PM message, that mentions "Bill is no longer friends with who, the trolls, etc..." To claify this so called jab at Bill, anyone on Facebook has the right to unfriend anyone they want. Those who are "unfriended" have a right to replace that person who has "unfriended" them. This is not a jab at Bill or any kind of nasty remark. This is a fact of life. We really don't know why he did it. He seemed angry in his posts leading up to the "unfriending."

Ironically, this was a topic on an episode of Family Affair. Uncle Bill brought home a friend of his who had served time in prison for robbery. He may have only done this once, and he was punished for it. When the twins found out he was in prison for robbery, they wanted to continue to punish him. It was Uncle Bill who told the twins that his friend had made a mistake and he was punished for it. The punishment was over and now he wants to live an honest life. This lecture took place when Jody broke a lamp in his room. Uncle Bill was going to punish Jody forever.

I think Bill Ratekin, like many people, unfortunately, was acting just like the twins. This is not a jab at Bill. This is human nature. In life we have those people who do things wrong, are punished,and learn a valuable lesson and never become repeat offenders. In life, we also have people who committ crimes, are punished for it, and then go back out in the world and continue to committ the same crimes. It gets so that you wonder, how can you really tell the two apart? I hope she never has another experience like she had last month. I am going to keep my fingers crossed and hope that she really has learned her lesson. It has been a month and so far so good. Just like the friend in the Family Affair episode, she will have learn that being "unfriended " by Bill R is just part of the price that you pay for making the wrong choice, even once. I would like to think she is handling this well. Let us all support her strive to make the right choices on this site. How about it?

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