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Stooges in Finland.

June 10 2006 at 6:21 AM
Aku  (no login)
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Response to Tell us more

Allright J.N. Here we go:

The support band was The Flaming Sideburns from Finland. If you have never even heard of them, go check them out, you might like them. They sound bit like The Hellacopters (from Sweden) or "High Time" era MC5 and despite the stupid name - The Flaming Sideburns are really cool Stoogesy band. The last song that they played was a cover version of the old Stooges classic "Raw Power." It was dedicated to their hero and idol Iggy.

There was lot of people in the audience, I think it was sold out show but I`m not sure, but anyway. The place was packed., I mean the park was packed with people. So, I really had to push myself to the front row, where I started talking to a nice looking girl standing next to me. She told me that this was going to be her first Iggy Pop show ever. I said that I had allready seen Iggy few times myself, but this was going to be my first Stooges experience, my first Stooges gig ever.
Have you ever noticed how much fun it is to talk to a fellow Iggy fans before the gig, even when they are total strangers?

Then it was showtime. They came on stage and Bang, - They started with "LOOSE" and then it was "DOWN ON THE STREET" and the crowd went wild. The audience was singing along to a "1969", I guess everyone knew that song. When they played the "animal song" - "I WANNA BE YOUR DOG"- Iggy started his stage diving routine. People tried their best to catch the flying "Iggy missle" on the first row. It was wild. The audience screamed "AAARGH YEAAAH" at the first chords of "TV EYE" - another classic hit.

After that Iggy was saying something like "Hello fuckers. Hey Fucking Finland !! - In this life, sometimes you're UP and sometimes you're DOWN and sometimes you're RICH and sometimes you're SHIT and that's what this next song is about" - and then they playd a great version of "DIRT"

The audience was invited on stage during "REAL COOL TIME".
I tried my best to get to the stage, - cause I really wanted to dance with Iggy, - but the asshole security guys (from my native Finland) didn't let me. Iggy's own road crew was trying to help the kids to come up on stage, while the Finnish security guys were bunch of pussies, they were in the state of panic and they were trying to keep the kids down. It was chaos, but it was lot of fun anyway. After "NO FUN" Iggy introduced the band ( He introduced Scott as 'Rock Action' and not as Scott Ashton) then they did killer versions of "1970" and "FUN HOUSE" with Steve McKay on sax.

During the "L.A BLUES" noise freakout, Mike Watt played the wildest bass solo ever. He played the bass with his teeth !! Wow, that was cool. Iggy was singing " I am you, I am you, I am you" - and Mike was chewing on his bass stings. Now... ' that was trippy' . I wonder what that "I am you" was all about? It sounds like some weird sixties acid chant. Does anyone know what that means?

Then they kicked ass with "SKULL RINGS"

After that song, Iggy asked if people in "fucking Finland have something to say" and then he thew the microphone in the crowd. I heard someone in the audience screaming in the microphone "Iggy, I wanna see your cock, show me your penis" and the funny thing was - that was a male voice. Gay guy maybe? I don't know, I dont care, but it was rather funny. Iggy was laughing too. Then someone else got a hold of the microphone and screamed "play search and destroy, search and destroy" and Iggy looked bored. I guess he didnĀ“t wanna sing that. Then someone else, a third person screamed "Sieg Heil." on the microphone.
Then a someone else got a hold of the microphone and started screaming in finnish language about how much he loved his girlfriend..or something like that.
Iggy & the Stooges on stage had the look of " what tha hell was that about" - they didn't get it, cause it was all in finnish language. More stupid screams from the audience. Then Iggy started laughing on stage. When he finally got the microphone back on stage, he was laughing his ass off
and he said "Hey, I wanted to hear something intellectual, but I guess I have to settle for this."

Then they played " DEAD ROCKSTAR" and a medley of "LITTLE DOLL/NOT RIGHT".
Then Iggy threw the microphone on the ground and the whole band walked of the stage.

Audience started screaming "we want more, we want more" and " IIII-ggy, IIIggy" until Iggy and the Stooges came back on stage and they played "LITTLE ELECTRIC CHAIR" and a second version of "I WANNA BE YOUR DOG" and that was it. People wanted to hear more but they didnt come back for a second encore. So that was it.

. Oh, I think the Stooges are gettin better and better. They played faster and better than what they did on that LIVE IN DETROIT Dvd.

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