FS: 1/48 kits, packages, AM: Right Staff, TCBerg, Koster etc. UPDATED Jun20th

June 20 2012 at 7:56 PM

Dmitri Kovalev  (Login dimon73)
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Hey, still trying to grow out off over 300 kits w/AM load! All are in 1/48.

- Hasegawa 09488 Nakajima C6N1-S Night Fighter Saiun "Myrt" w/30mm cannon - $25

- Hasegawa 09824 Douglas A-4E/F Skyhawk "VA-55" (incl. Aires 4112 resin wheel bays, Aires 4109 resin/PE cockpit) - $50

- Hasegawa 09633 Vought F-8E/J Crusader "Last Gunfighter" (incl. Aires 4168 resin/PE cockpit, Aires 4171 resin/PE exhaust nozzle, Aires 4173 wheels bays, Quickboost resin air scoops, Dmold DM48018 corrected nose gear) - $80

- Academy 2116 MiG-29 Fulcrum A (incl. Aires 4074 resin/PE cockpit, Pisco Models resin nose correction, Kazan WK4806 resin/PE R-27R/T rockets, Quickboost resin sensing units, unknown manufacturer, nicely done: resin wheel bays, resin exhaust cans) - $85

- Academy 2131 Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker B (incl. correction nose, Eduard 48-507 PE exterior, Aires 4262 resin/PE cockpit set, Aires 4264 resin exhaust nozzles, Quickboost resin antennas) - $65

- Eduard 8101 Dassault Mirage IIIC PROFIPack w/ Neomega cockpit - $55

- AM 3413 Grumman F3F-1 - $25
- AM 3414 Grumman F3F-2 w/ Neomega R1820 engine - $35

- FineMolds FB-13 Kawasaki Ki-10-II Perry type 95 (incl. PE fret and reference book) - $60

- ProModeler 5935 Curtiss SB2C-4 Helldiver (incl. KMC 48-5078 wingfold, KMC 48-6015 resin cockpit, R-2600 engine, Quickboost 48-267 resin U/C covers, Moskit 48-40 exhaust) - $120

- Monogram 85-5613 Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina (incl. True Details 48-457 resin cockpit, and 48-101 resin wheels, Eduard 48-182 PE interior/exterior set, Moskit 48-49 round pipe exhaust) - $60

- Hasegawa Pt12 Grumman F-14D Tomcat "CVW-14" (incl. Aires 4333 resin/PE cockpit, Aires 4132 resin wheel bays, resin pilons and wheels, Eduard FE221 PE cockpit, AMUR 4804 wing gloves and engine cowls hinges, 4802 Tomcat tune-up set) - $120

- Hasegawa SP98 McDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornet (incl. resin exhaust cans, resin wheel bays, Eduard BIG4807 PE superdetail set, Legend LF4034 resin cockpit great for a Schweizer Luftwaffe project; just add a decal!!!!) - $125

- Hasegawa P8 McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle (incl. Eduard 48-379 PE, Eduard 48-124 PE cockpit, Aires 4115 resin/PE exhaust nozzles, Aires 4139 resin/PE cockpit, G-Factor metal landing gear, Eduard BIG4823 PE superdetail) - $135

- Hasegawa P14 L.T.V. A-7E Corsair II "Valions" (incl. Eduard 48-165 PE (interior+exterior), Black Box 48030 resin cockpit) - $60

- DML 5501 Ta-152H-1 Master Series - $20

- Dragon 5534 FW-190D-12 Torpedo Flugzeug Master Series (incl. Elf rubber wheels, Quickboost exhaust) - $35, w/o Elf wheels - $25

- AZModel 4833 Ki-48-I type 99 Lily (incl. color PE and canopy masks) - $70, have also Ki-48-II for $75 (color PE, masks and includes AM decal)

- Classic Airframes 4115 Do-17Z (incl. vac canopy, Airwaves AEC48025 PE set) - $120

- Classic Airframes 435 Bristol Blenheim Mk.I/IF (incl. Moskit 48-67 exhaust) - $55

- Classic Airframes Martin Baltimore (incl. OzMods corrected cowls) - $100, either boxing is available: 4139 and 4140

- Monogram F-106 (box is badly worn) - $10

- Sea Harrier package 4410 MPC/Airfix and 6426 Tamiya BAE Sea Harrier FRS.1 Pavla 48-29 resin nosewheel bay, Pavla 48-20 resin intakes and exhausts, Neomega resin cockpit, Eduard FE165 PE cockpit - $65

- Airfix Sepecat Jaguar GR3A/ES (incl. Neomega C29 resin cockpit, Eduard 48-136 GR.1 PE, Paragon resin Vinten recce pod, wheels, afterburners, chaff dispensers, cannon bulges, flaps and slats) - $80

- HiPM 48-002 Arado Ar-196A (incl. Moskit exhaust pipes) - $30

- Eduard 8052 Bf-108B Taifun - $20

- MasterX Junkers Ju-160 (Japanese markings) - $75

- AlphaFlight C.R.D.A. Cant Z.1007bis Nightbomber - $170

- Koster Mitsubishi G3M Nell - $70

- Choroszy E6Y1 Type 91 reconnaissance seaplane - $50

- Choroszy Kawasaki Ki-3 Type 93 - $75

- Choroszy Nakajima Ki-4 single float version (no wheel option in the kit) - $60

- Right Staff/TCBerg Collectors package - $270
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]


- F-100 AM package: Legend LA4811 F-100 334 gal. Drop Tank Set, Legend LA4809 F-100D Cockpit Set for Monogram, Legend LA4810 F-100 Seamless Intake and Exhaust Nozzle Set for Monogram, SAC F-100 Landing Gear, Eduard PE (film with instruments is missing) - $50
- DMold F111 TP II profiled intakes for Academy - $15
- Verlinden 1420 F-111F update for Academy - $15
- Verlinden 1648 F-15E detail set for Revell - $15
- Warrior resin pilots figures for a diorama, 2 figures per set, $5 each set: Russian Pilots winter overalls Set.1, Russian Pilots Set.2, AVG Flying Tigers.

Terms are simple: prices are firm, payment by PayPal, postage is extra, I ship twice a week.
I realize many are building OOB please e-mail me if youre interested in a kit w/o AM, or partial AM.

[linked image]

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