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Response to Good ref's for Russian WWII SPGs?

on the SU & ISU type tanks that I know of:

Kagero Topshots #38 - SU-76 Polish publication but in English. Very good color photos with close-ups and interiors shots of museum survivors, 42 pages 130+ pics. ISBN 978-83-60445-55-6 This is the only one of the Kagero books that I have on the SU tanks, they may have others.

Wydawnictwo Militaria #240 - Tank Power Vol XX - SU-85/100/122 - Polish Text with English summary and Polish/English captions. Many b/w photos, color plates, line drawings and even some color pics of museum SU's. Excellent references.

Wydawnictwo Militaria #260 - Tank Power Vol XXXVI - SU-76 - Polish Text with English summary and Polish/English captions. Same as above but on the SU-76

Frontline Illustraded 04-2002: Self-Propelled Artllery of the Red Army. This has some great pics and color plates but is entirely in Russian. I have no idea who printed or distributes these and there is no ISBN #.

Armor Museum #8 - SU-76 Very comprehensive with many scale drawings of interior/exterior parts, b/w photos and color plates, all dedicated to the SU-76 (100+ pages) Unfortunately it is completely in Russian and I can find no publisher name or ISBN number.

Armor Museum #16 - SU-122 Same as the above but on the SU-122

Armor Museum #18 - SU-85 Same as the above but on the SU-85

Other books cover more than the SU series and include all Soviet tanks too. Here's the only one in my meager library:

Soviet Tanks and combat Vehicles of WWII by Steven Zaloga, Arms & Armour Press, 230+ pages, covers all Soviet tanks ISBN 0-85368-606-8

Hope this helps,

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