FS: 1/35 4-piece headlights for armor, trucks etc.

June 27 2012 at 4:23 PM

Dmitri Kovalev  (Login dimon73)
HyperScale Forums
from IP address

still have some left; when they are gone, they are gone, guys! Grab a set - these things are awesome!

I have for sale headlights in 1/35 or 1/48 depending how it scales down (check the dimensions). Plastic enclosure with embedded reflector and transparent plastic deflector lens, bulbs are included.
Please note: these are the best headlights on the market, period They will not diminish in clarity; will not go yellowish color overtime.
Also, despite the identical diameter of some the lights from both sets are not identical convexity varies. These lights were designed to replicate specific lights; some lights are considered generic for use on the variety of subjects. Please read the description.
Each set is 15 USD. PayPal with no fee, shipping from Canada is extra.
1/35 headlight set:
Generic headlights for cars, trucks, tanks, armoured vehicles etc., for 1/35 mainly. For all periods and armies.
- Lens 6 mm dia., 4 pcs.
- Lens 5.2 mm dia., 4 pcs.
Generic fog and auxiliary lights for 1/35, and headlights for 1/48 for wide variety of tanks, cars, trucks, armoured vehicles for all periods and armies.
- Lens 2.5 mm dia., 4 pcs.
- Lens 2.3 mm dia., 4 pcs.
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

Large 1/35 headlight set:
Specifically designed for Russian armoured vehicles, tanks, trucks etc. of WWII, 1/35 only. Lens 6 mm dia., 4 pcs. Standard equipment and suitable for: BT-5, T-26, T-34, KV, SU, IS, ZiS trucks etc.
Headlights for Russian and other armies, 1/35. Lens 5 mm dia., 4 pcs. Suitable for BTR-152, ZiL-157, Scout etc.
Headlights for modern Russian armoured vehicles, 1/35. Lens 4 mm dia., 4 pcs. Suitable for BTR, BMP, BMD, PT etc.
Headlights for wide variety of armoured vehicles, tanks etc. for all periods. Not for Russian vehicles, 1/35. Lens 3.5 mm dia., 2 pcs.
[IMG][linked image][IMG]
[IMG][linked image][IMG]
[IMG][linked image][IMG]
[IMG][linked image][IMG]
[IMG][linked image][IMG]

[linked image]

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