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Anyone know if the Russians used mine rollers in Berlin?

October 26 2011 at 10:20 PM
  (Login JimmytheBull)
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Had a PT-34 project in mind but I'm finding little info on. I would like to put a mine roller on a T-34/85 with Berlin invasion markings and bedspring armor on however I cannot locate any information documenting wether or not they were used. I would assume that they (the Russians) would have used them at some point on the road in but really would like some sort of proof since this will be a contest project. I intend to use the old Kirin mine roller kit on a Dragon T-34 with a full blown interior and really don't want to get "dinged" by a judge for being historiclly inaccurate.


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October 26 2011, 10:34 PM 

It looks like I've found a WWII T-34/76 with a PT-3 mine roller... can't say about the 85s though.


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never mind

October 26 2011, 10:36 PM 

It is a T-34/85

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Nice find Kevin, and you're right - the T-34/76 was much more common as a carrier

October 27 2011, 7:26 AM 

I haven't seen too many photos of the T-34/85 as a mine roller.

If you want to do the model in Berlin, I suspect the T-34/76 would be more appropriate.

As to contests, check this link out:


Scott Gentry

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Never saw one

October 27 2011, 5:22 AM 

Not sure how effective (or cumbersome) the mine roller would be in downtown urban Berlin. The bedframe armor is also rather specific... not sure a combat engineer tank would have had that either.

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Probably not in Berlin proper but...

October 27 2011, 12:05 PM 

definately in the initial attack such as Seelow. Once the Soviets broke through the initial German defenses, the German fell back so quickly that they really didn't have time to lay effective mine fields thus the Soviets really had no need for them at that point.


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Re: Probably not in Berlin proper but...

October 27 2011, 7:59 PM 

Awsome info guys, thanks for the help. Now that I think of it the T-34/76 makes more sence as an engineering vehicle. Does anyone know at what point the Russians decided to apply the bed spring armor? Was that something done earlier in the war or was it more exclusive to just units moving on Berlin?

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