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I admire your urge to build her in the early war version Steve.

January 17 2012 at 4:37 AM

Bruno  (Login BrunoSchielzeth)
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Response to more Yamato maddness

It looks like you are doing an excellent job back dating the kit! I like your railings too, but there is no way in the world I have enough time to use the Detail-Up parts. I've decided I might just try them at some point because they look "interesting". Just, sadly, not on this build.

Judging from all the parts and spare parts in the box I would think that an early Yamato would be a matter of removing or shifting things and leaving off a LOT of AAA. I'm sure a new molding of the bridge tower would make life easier for you, but it looks like you have it figured out. I've noticed a lot of detail already molded on is covered by the upgrades to the 1945 fit, so Tamiya was going for a 3-in-1 kit from the beginning. It only makes sense. The molds cost a fortune to cut. It just makes economic sense to get as much use as you can from them.

Are you going to drill out the plugged portholes? If so you are definitely going a lot further than I would or could. Good luck with your build and you will have the ONLY early Yamato out there when you are done. I don't imagine Tamiya will release theirs for six months or a year. Once the sales of the late version start to slide they will offer up the next version I'm sure. I've enjoyed this build enough that I might actually buy my own kit of the early Yamato.

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