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April 18 2012 at 1:37 PM
Shuey, William  (Login Williamshuey)
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The mention of a new 1/700 Yorktown below scratches an itch with me. I would love to do a 1/350 Yorktown. I bought copies of the original ships drawings from the General Services Administration many years ago with a view to maybe tackling a 1/192 scale scratchbuild and had the model drawings underway when I hit the real problem. Yorktown's light anti-aircraft configuration at the time of Midway is not recorded.
During W.W.II the shipyards were swamped with repair/upgrade work and keeping the ship's drawings up to date took a backseat to expediency. When a ship was worked on they sent a photographer around with a couple of rolls of film to take pictures of the changes and figured they would update the drawings when the draftsmen had the time. If the ship was subsequently lost, they didn't bother. That's the story with CV-5. The original drawings are updated thru Feb., 1940. That's it. They still show only the original 24 .50 Cal Browning AA guns, not radar, no splinter shields around the guns, none of that, nada, zip.
There are a couple of photographs, reputedly taken by the ships chaplan, of all people, that show the 20 mm gun tub under the flight deck at the bow, and one that clearly shows some 20 mm's on one side gallery. The 20 mm's were added in a hurry at Pearl during the rushed repairs after Coral Sea and the idea to replace the .50s with 20 mm was only partially achieved. One of the Chaplain's photos taken during the Battle clearly shows that at least one gallery of .50s were still in place.
Unless There are some as yet unreleased pictures from Ballard that might give some more information we are left hanging on much of theis detail.

Bill Shuey

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