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Re: Fear, just another name for ignorance?

October 30 2007 at 9:02 PM
David  (no login)

Response to Fear, just another name for ignorance?

Well you know I'm always searching for facts before believing. I AM the stereotypical doubting Thomas. I'm aware that we knew of the bombing of Pearl Harbor before the bombing of Pearl Harbor, yet ... let it happen. Lots of folks aboard the Arizona who might question that call ...

That said, is WWII just another is an endless series of wars for profit and was not the great against the evil that I think it is? I'm open to the possibilities ...

I get what you're saying regarding the trick o' treat issue and the war issue. We have a totally confused set of priorities ... indeed. Preach brother. And from a universal point of view, it is totally contradictory to have the nuclear arsenal that we possess and then to call a smaller nation a rogue nation for wanting to develop that same capability, lol.


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